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February 5, 2018 (my 42nd birthday)

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Assault of the Mind Body Spirit


I struggled with what to write. I wanted to add my original, horrible story to the Me Too Campaign which made me remember 50 more incidents that I would absolutely classify as sexual assault. I’ve said it, and so did a friend, the 80’s and 90’s were a nightmare.

My reasons for holding off  were simply embarrassment and shame. With each little inappropriate touch you hate yourself more and see yourself less.

The following is my official police statement from an incident that occurred at Sanford/Orlando International airport. It gave me a wicked PTSD panic attack. The officer working with me, initially had verified my story via camera footage. He stated the assault was “very clear”.

This morning his Captain called and tried to say nothing inappropriate happened because I had an “anomaly” in my pelvic area (my pocket). I was wearing yoga pants with no pockets. The woman put her hands only on my vagina. Absolutely no protocol was followed. She crouched down and touched me, while the male agent had his back turned.

I’ve been asked a few times before to stand on that little mat, and hold out my arms, while at least one other agent was watching. This did not happen, I wasn’t asked to do that, only my vagina was touched.

The Police Captain was not helpful at first, but stuttering by the end of my speech. I schooled this Captain on rape, assault, the Me Too Campaign and why we need more allies, not bureaucracy. I am sickened by his response, and have emailed The Sanford Herald, and cc’d the Sanford PD so they see I won’t back down. I’ve also left a message for Gloria Allred. I was told by the police captain that since her hands were “only on my vagina for 3-5 seconds” it won’t be considered assault  THAT’S THE EXCUSE!!!! It’s appalling. As if she beat the clock, and won. No, not on my body.

When I was able to speak to the TSA training supervisor, she assured me that was SOP, but needed to review the tapes, that I hope don’t go missing. I told her, under no circumstances is this OK. IT IS ASSAULT. I feel it is my mission to see this through to the end, and help STOP ABUSE OF POWER.

The police captain also changed his story, after a tweet calling him out on what he said. He called back to say he didn’t mean in that way, he meant that he had the footage reviewed and archived with a perfect screenshot showing the assault lasted 3-5 seconds. Spin it anyway you want; it’s a lie captain, it’s a lie,

We women are paid less, looked at as less than we are, and ignored and abused. Enough is Enough. Times up. Me Too. All valid, all true, all worthy of opening your mind to hear the stories from the women who were afraid, brushed off, or much worse.

I was raped by my now ex-husband on February 10, 2009. He’s not in jail. I had a case, he had some dirty tricks. In our court document for our divorce (which I pushed through in 6 months), the judge asked about the rape charge. His lawyers response said it all, “my client neither admits to nor denies the charge of rape.” Those words are still like poison to me. I was assaulted by the TSA agent almost 9 years later. You never fully heal. You never fully feel safe. You don’t trust much. You have severe panic and anxiety. You get quick to anger when you feel unsafe. You speak out more, once the rage fades a bit. YOU ARE NOT THE SAME – EVER.

I will say this:

This Warrior is WOKE and I won’t rest until  get justice for myself and the many unheard survivors of sexual assault and rape. Hell No, Not Today Satan. Getting out a  severely abusive relationship with a violent alcoholic, I feel it is my duty now to be the large voice I know I can be.

I was profiled at the airport.  I’m almost always profiled at the airport. No one really believed me. I would go to airports in catsuits with camel toe and my breasts almost out to prove I am not looking to harm people. Now I try to let my tattoos show, and I get friendlier faces when I do that. I see many people stiffen in airports when I walk in. I had another incident at Dane County Airport where the airport employee wouldn’t let me walk to the counter to speak to the airline. She closed the rope and I was pushed toward the kiosk. Five minutes later two tall white men walked in and she opened the rope for them, the same rope she closed when I tried to walk through.

I am of Middle Eastern, Southern Italian and Greek descent. I look Mediterranean. Olive skin, almond shaped hazel eyes. Below is my DNA. When I first got this back, I was so happy because my looks finally made sense. I come from the birth of civilization, democracy and Renaissance Art. This is me.





Here’s my statement, its been corroborated, because “my truth is there.

Thank you for your help so far. Below is my account of the incident.

On February 4, 2018, I was traveling home to NY from Orlando, by way of Sanford Airport. We entered the airport around 1:30 pm and between 1:45 and 2:30 we were going through security, the first row, by the glass. I had set out all my toiletries and shoes, etc. in the bins and i waited my turn to go through the machine. I was told I had something in my pocket, but I had no pockets. I was wearing black yoga pants and a grey sweatshirt, black sneakers. I was asked to go to a private screening room but I refused. I have often been profiled being Middle Eastern and Greek/Southern Italian.

There was a female agent who pointed to a screen, depicting a body outline with a yellow square shaped (what looked like a sticker) mark close to my pelvic area.

After refusing the private search, I was waiting for at least 2 more agents to come over and to spread my arms for the typical pat down. The female agent, short hair, thick dark glasses was looking at my pelvic area, not waiting for anyone else (a male agent had his back turned, I believe) she put her hands on my vagina and pushed her right thumb into my left labia. I was in shock and also afraid to say anything because I wanted to get home without incident.


My fear, looking like I do, was that I would have been in TSA holding for hours with no contact to help me sort this out.

After deplaning and beginning to drive home I had a panic attack. My PTSD for a rape 9 years ago (February 10, 2009) kicked in and I was unable to drive myself home.

Never The Less, She Persisted.

Here’s my News Channel 12 Westchester interview. Turn to Tara

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