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40 Days of Pay It Forward

Valentine’s Day, 2018

Give Out, Don’t Give Up.


Lent, a season of denial.

Lent was always a source of strife for me.

What you will read below are  3 influential people in my life who inspired today’s blog.

I thank you with all of  my universal abundant love.


Growing up Catholic, I always feared Lent, almost as much as Confession. Where these things fit into my life as a child, still baffles my mind. I remember being told as I started Sunday School, mom confirming it; I HAD to give up something I loved because Jesus spent 40 days in the dessert. I remember feeling angry, thinking, Jesus didn’t have to go into the dessert, he wanted to. So I would begrudgingly and very angrily give up my chocolate, not feeling like it was a sacrifice. I felt no good came of this.


Which brings me to confession. What in the world could an eight year old do wrong that would warrant scaring the crap out of them in a confessional booth, with a priest behind a foreboding screen.? It’s twisted. No child should suffer through this. I’m not knocking the moral lessons from religious instruction classes, but some practices are difficult on children. These two were particularly difficult for me.


I still shudder when I walk past a confessional booth. Which isn’t often, but still gives a chill down my spine.

So I left church behind, and only show up for weddings and funerals, like many other Catholics. I commend my many friends and family members who still keep up this tradition. I don’t have the wherewithal to deny myself anything while some live so lavishly, and still, others live so poorly.

My first influencer is the owner of this Beautiful Sacred Space.


This season, I saw a post from a fellow yoga teacher and friend. She’s got a 40 Day Lenten Yoga Challenge. Check her out at Nueva Alma Yoga. If you live near McLean Avenue Yonkers, NY, and want your soul to shine, see Erica. She’s dope.

I love what she’s doing and I may incorporate some of it into my 40 Days. I feel my energy is best spent teaching kindness, empathy and strength. I’ve been having a bumpy ride lately, but I know this is exactly where I am supposed to be.


My next influencer is my Soul Sister. We met over 20 years go in NYC at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. The greatest two years of my life were spent with the most amazing people, who are quickly becoming influencers themselves.

I flew out to Madison, WI, (something I probably won’t be doing again for a while), and we just picked up exactly where we left off. She taught me to knit and played this music. This is music like I’ve never heard before. The messages are so powerful and poignant. I felt the vibrations of the chords pumping through my body, mind and spirit. Thank you Flying Phoenix, you divine creature.


My final influencer is a man I do not know personally, but I know all I need to about him, from his music.

Music is magic. Music tears down walls and builds bridges. The music I would like to share with you is the music of Nahko, particularly his album Medicine for The People.  This is my daily music, my morning ritual. I start my day feeling the vibrations of this music and it gives me strength to move forward.

My last blog was about my horrific experience at Sanford/Orlando International AIrport. I’m battling demons, both internal and external right now.

I wanted to give you the biggest gift of all on Day 1, and that is the Music of Nahko.



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