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March 29, 2018

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Since the beginning of human civilization, all stories have been based in archetypes. To tell stories that impact the mind of customers, brand storytellers introduce the role of archetypes.

Why Archetypes? Because Archetypes are universal  tools used to create everything we love and know. Archetypes create brands, models, patterns, and mission statements. Through these Archetypes, we begin to find contentment within the brands we have come to know and trust. This happens with personal relationships as well. We begin to fall away from those whose path no longer serves the growth of our path, and connect with people who do. Those who live the truth of their Archetype will mold themselves into your life,  and are there to help you grow. This is how we begin to create more Abundance, by sharing and building upon positive actions.

When choosing a path of jealousy and greed, these thoughts, feelings and actions throw the Universe out of Balance, and we begin to find difficulties in our lives. These people are called “Accidental Adversaries”, a person you  know, with whom you’ve gotten along; and the relationship deteriorates over time. Do you know an Accidental Adversary? Are you and Accidental Adversary?

All Archetypes respond to similar situations in similar ways. Remember, each Archetype is just as important as the next, and once you learn who you are, you will be able to recognize Your Helpers (as Mr. Rogers would say), who are here to make your life more Universally Abundant. Your Accidental Adversaries will find you. They will work hard to hurt you. I despise Accidental Adversaries. These are those who hate you for all the good you do. They will always try to take you down. They will not succeed. Truth Always Wins.




It is out there; Universal Abundance, you just have to know how to tap into it. It’s simple really. This is my secret to success, and I wanted to share it with you all. This isn’t something I’ve studied in any traditional sense, it’s something I know intellectually as well as spiritually, because the two are unequivocally connected. We are all connected, and each Archetype flows beautifully into the next one. This, helps to create our Universal Abundance.


In order to create Abundance, we have to focus on the services we put out into the Universe. This can be professional services as well as personal, as in, how we interact with people and the way we choose to treat those around us, daily.

The more you give, the more you get, both good and bad. Choose Wisely. Karma is science – to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is where our Free Will comes in, and we have our choices. Remember, there is always time to change your mind before acting on a choice. This time is called Dharma or right action.


This is the gray area of, ‘what happens when someone makes the poor choice to attack you?’ How do you react? Is there a right or wrong way? For me, I act according to what is placed in front of me and the amount of truth being presented. I also look at from whom the information comes. Are they Helpers or Accidental Adversaries? Are they messengers for or against my Archetype? blogarchetypelovebeatles

Do No Harm but Take No Shit. We are here to grow as humans and as spiritual beings, but this does not mean anyone should allow others to treat them poorly. Speak up and defend yourself against attacks, or no lesson is learned, and we keep repeating cycles, thus, diminishing Abundance.

If you are one of those who feels the need to attack others, unprovoked, you may want to look into changing your ways. It takes much more effort to take than to give. Taking diminishes Abundance, Giving increases Abundance. To me, the choice is clear. It is so easy to let go, to smile, to compliment, to be kind. This is the best kind of Abundance, the Abundance of Love.

Do you know your archetype? Have you begun a Spiritual Cleanse to reach your higher self and become the epitome of your Archetype? If not, I’m here to tell you, it is so worth it.


Archetype Definition – In literature, an archetype is a typical character, an action, or a situation that seems to represent universal patterns of human nature. An archetype, also known as “universal symbol,” may be a character, a theme, a symbol, or even in a setting.


I’ve recently said, 42 is the year I became alive. This year was again, a test. Not just any test, but several hard tests, all at once, on my actual birthday. I thank my muses, my inner voice, & my spirit guides, for pointing me in the direction of Jyotish and the Ayurvedic Institute, because I feel I would not have been prepared as well as I was for my recent trials and tribulations.

Here below is my Vedic Constitution, my Prakriti and Vikruti:


which fits in with my Vedic Chart, and my Archetype. The similarities are astounding. *More on Ayurvedic Constitutions next week.

Last May, I took a spiritually guided trip out to the Ayurvedic Institute, my chosen continuing education center.

I took a course entitled Vibrations of Light: Using Crystals and Gemstones for Healing & Protection.


During this course I received my Vedic Astrology Chart. It reads Teacher and it seems to fit into my life, perfectly. It really is written in the stars.

I have a passion for Vedic Astrology  and would like to learn to read the rest of my chart. Can anyone out there help? My concern is with the stats listing my age at 118! How long will I be around? How much will I have seen? How wise will I be? So many questions come from this chart. So, so many questions…..


Two years ago, I began having severe panic attacks. I knew my higher purpose was calling to me, so I began a Spiritual Cleanse. This is an incredible process that was self guided,  to try to realign my Chakras and wake my Kundalini Shakti. My reactions were both emotional and physical. The Transitions were long and difficult, filled with tears. I chose music to help me purge quicker. I chose to fast on many days. I slept to let my Spirit heal. I chanted and danced, and laughed. It was everything I thought a Spiritual Cleanse would be.

*Note, a Spiritual Cleanse does not mean you will no longer have issues in life, it simply means you may find a new way to deal with some of those issues.


Recently I discovered my Archetype, and it is The Sage, the Wise Teacher, which is exactly what my Vedic Astrology Chart says. All of this information flows together in our lives. Everything is a divinely guided plan, especially the things that throw us the most off course. Once you know this, and focus on the service you can provide through your gifts as your Archetype you will be able to manifest all of the Abundance waiting for you.

There is enough Abundance for everyone; it’s  an untapped resource that is so often overlooked. Many don’t know where to look, and how to begin to discover their true identities, and serve their life purpose. I did this way out of order, and looking back, learning more about my Archetype first would have been helpful, but I had further lessons to learn. I needed to have things happen the hard way, in order to teach the lessons I am here to teach.



You can start now, take your Archetype Quiz.

I was called to start my spiritual cleanse before being guided to find my Archetype. This was my personal karma, I had to accept my Archetype fully. I Am, The Sage, Spiritual, Visionary, Creative. This is the literal essence of who I Am; and You will know by which words call out to You. You receive the gift of learning about yourself all over again.



Transitions are our most  challenging times. We become unrecognizable versions of ourselves. We become egoic, self-absorbed, and self-pitying. This is human. Go through your transitions, forgive yourself, but most importantly, move forward.  Allow yourself these mistakes, because they are lessons. We often find ourselves involved in smaller tests, such as tests of our patience. These small tests are just as important as the big tests for building human character and strengthening your Soul’s Relationship with Universal Abundance.


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Which brings me to feelings of jealousy, and the hateful feelings associate with it. There’s no need for jealousy, because there is enough. When you let jealousy win, you lose, because you are diminishing Abundance in the Universe. This is literally the secret to success. Build upon the Universal Abundance, live your life fully committed to your Archetype and Give, Give, Give.

Give Truth, Give Love, Give Congratulations, Give Well Wishes, Give Everything Positive and you’ll get it in return.

But take no shit. I give what I get. I am reactive to different things, and people, based on action, and based completely on the energy they emit. I believe everyone can relate to that in some way. I walk away from negativity as quickly as I can, and try to get out of negative situations as quickly as I can, but I will not back down when provoked. No one should back down. Own Your Power and fight back against injustice. We are not here to be punching bags, either physical or emotional, for anyone. We are here to be the best versions of our human  selves,here to learn and grow. We are not here to be victims. Nor are we here to be bullies.



Abundance isn’t always monetary. Abundance of Love, of Happiness, of Laughter, of Friends, of Family. Think of Abundance as the irreplaceable things in your life.

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