What’s Your Dosha?

Ayurveda Defined


Ayurveda is defined as the Science of Life or the Science of Self Healing. This method of Ancient Medicine relies heavily upon the individual and  their circumstances, for remedy. Practiced and developed in India, Ayurveda relates to the five elements of Earth. The Three Doshas are a combination of earth, air, fire, water and ether (space).  Ayurveda dates back 5,000 years, to the Ancient Sanskrit texts, The Vedas. Ayurveda is based on an understanding of three fundamentals:

1. The person’s constitution (Prakruti)

2) the imbalance, and cause of the imbalance (Vikruti)

 3) the specific remedy to rebalance

With this, the Ayurvedic practitioner is able to create a guide that is specific to the individual’s needs. Ayurveda takes time; it is constantly changing with you, as you change with your cycles of life, but, at the same time, helps you remain balanced. Learning your Dosha, and understanding how Ayurveda can help balance your physical, mental and emotional bodies, and help you create a life of Abundance in all areas.

Doshas Defined

Doshas are the three energies that live within us, which help define our characteristics. Kapha, Pitta and Vata each contain two elements within themselves.  In Vedic beliefs, your Constitution begins to exist within the body at the moment of creation. We each have a combination of all three Doshas within us, but one is always more prominent, thus ruling our physical bodies, through sickness, and health. A person can have an imbalance of any Dosha. Imbalances are created by lifestyle.

Prakruti (Constitution) Defined

Existing from the moment of creation,  the Prakruti is of great significance, as this is the moment the Doshas balance within the body to create the essential you. Your Prakruti remains the same throughout your life. Your Prakruti is your natural at-ease state. The Sanskrit word, Prakruti literally means, “original creation”. Isn’t that beautiful?

Vikruti (the imbalance) Defined

In the moments after creation, exists the Vikruti. The state of your three Doshas as they are introduced to a new environment. Your Vikruti will be in a constant state of change, according to your lifestyle. Vikruti is your abnormal or dis-ease state. The Sanskrit word Vikruti translates to “after creation”.

The beauty of adapting  Ayurveda into your life, is how much more you begin to understand yourself, and your journey.

Find your Dosha here, from the Ayurvedic Experience.

Kapha – Water & Earth

Mud. The saying ‘No Mud No Lotus’ always makes me smile when thinking of ths Dosha, because thinking of yourself with the characteristics of mud, isn’t pretty. To get an idea of what a ‘typical’ Kapha looks like, think Endomorph. Kaphas are slow, steady and the people you can always count on. Kaphas are luxurious and capable of the most compassionate love.

Kapha Characteristics include:

Large dark eyes

Large nose

Thick wavy dark hair

Thick Features

Big appetite


Pitta – Fire & Water

Pitta, Fire and Water, makes Pitta hot, sharp and driven. Pittas make great leaders. Pittas are intense in everything, from work, to love to hobbies.  They typically resemble a Mesomorph. They are passionate and and outspoken.

Pitta Characteristics include:

Angular features

Deep set eyes

Ruddy complexion

Fine, light hair


Vata – Air & Ether

Vata, air and ether, movement….Vata moves faster than all the other Doshas. Vata is highly imaginative and creative, but also full of anxiety and stress. Vata is best described as an Ectomorph. Vata are creative manic visionaries. They are the artists.

Vata Characteristics include:

Thin frail bones

Dull complexion

Small appetite

Dry Skin

Thin hair

Disturbed sleep


You may recognize yourself in all of these descriptions, I have a dual Prakriti of Vata-Kapha, so my imbalances come from polar opposites that ignite my Pitta.

Learning your Prakruti or Constitution, will help you understand the basics of how to treat yourself naturally, and understanding your Vikruti, will help you recognize and deal with day to day imbalances.

Ayurveda and Yoga go hand in hand. They are Ancient Relatives, who have been together for 5,000 helping us heal.

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