Protein Potion


Ready in 5

Serves 1 people

283 calories 


  • ½ banana
  • 1 tbs PB2
  • 1 scoop Bob’s Red Mill Protein Powder
  • 8 oz. Good Karma Flax Milk


  1. Blend……
  2. Enjoy……

Nutritional Information

  1. Bob’s Red Mill Nutritional Booster with Chia & Probiotics – Vegan.Gluten Free 20g of plant-based protein per serving. 22mg omega-3 per serving. Rich in Iron. Beneficial probiotics & prebiotics.
  2. PB 2 Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free. 6 g protein per serving, 4g carbohydrates, high in fiber.
  3. Good Karma Flax Milk, high in vitamin A,D,B12, calcium & phosphorus.
  4. Banana high in potassium, vitamin C, B12, & magnesium.


Why This Works

Rich in antioxidants,  this chocolate, pb, banana and flax blend is gives complete and balanced vegan nutrition.

Perfect for pre or post yoga, or aerial class, this blend burns fat and builds muscle.

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