Hummingbird Legends & Folklore

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May 3, 2018

Hummingbird Legend and Folklore


What Do Hummingbirds Mean, Symbolically?

Regeneration and resurrection – the meaning of the Hummingbird. How often do we think about reinventing ourselves, or redefining ourselves? These words are commonly used, and the words regenerating, and resurrection, are just so; Yoga. The Hummingbird, a tiny assuming creature, who is mystical, as well as mysterious. We only catch a glimpse, then like a little faery, it  is gone.

Hummingbirds are found in Native American Folklore, and their feathers are said to have magical qualities. Hummingbirds can stop dead, after flying t full speed, they fly backwards, forwards and up or down, and are said to bring, love, peace and joy to the observer.

The Hummingbird also symbolizes the ‘here & now’, there is no looking backwards or forwards, as they exist only in the moment. This makes the Hummingbird able to adapt to any situation, feathers ruffled and all, but still going strong. Sound familiar?  Hummingbirds remind us that love, existing in the moment, joy and happiness are infinite.

When the Hummingbird comes up in your reading, it is a gentle reminder that you are infinite, you can adapt, you can keep going strong, despite opposition. The Hummingbird is also a reminder that we are ALL BORN FREE and are not beholden to anyone or anything. We have free will, including the choice to truly free our Mind, Body and Spirit.

For those with  Hummingbird Spirit Guides, you have a gift for finding the right  people to stand beside you, while fighting off the wrong ones. Opposition in your life is strong and will try to stop you, control you; because the good in you, the power of that good, frightens them. The more opposition you are met with, both in the physical and metaphysical realms, the more good you are here on Earth to do.

If you relate to any of this, meditate and focus on the Hummingbird for clarity, and guidance for the best outcome for all involved, including the correct Karma. The Hummingbird is always here, whether they are a regular Spirit Animal, or pop in for a guest appearance, to help out when needed.

We are all infinite creatures, who come together for brief moments in time to work out our Spiritual Karma, so we truly can exist in peace, eternally.

Is the Hummingbird your Spirit Animal?

The Hummingbird, a beautiful, almost mystical creature, whose wings paint the infinity symbol in the air around them as they fly. Hummingbirds are a gentle reminder of your infinite soul, and its constant work to keep moving forward.

In Aztec, and Native North American legends, Hummingbirds are depicted as magical and powerful creatures. To the Mayan people, hummingbirds were magical, sacred creatures who connected us to the gods. The hummingbirds were said to be messengers of the gods.

One of the most beautiful legends tells of the Hummingbird’s creation. Each Hummingbird was lovingly sculpted from the left-over feathers used in the creation of other birds.

 The gods were so enamored with the Hummingbirds, that they held great celebrations where all the other animals were invited to honor the beautiful Hummingbird.

This beautiful delicate birds symbolises:


Stepping Back







The Hummingbird should be a reminder to look for these aspects, signs  and occurrences in your life. If you find you  are lacking in any of these areas, try to connect with the Hummingbird via meditation. Our Spirit Animals are always close by.

The Hummingbird to me, symbolizes what we strive to achieve on our yoga mats. All the Infinite, Spiritual and Physical endurance we need each day just to simply be human.

Hummingbirds are here to help awaken our consciousness and are here to help solve the riddle of duality. The Hummingbird reminds us of our Singular state, Oneness with The Cosmos.

When we incarnate on Earth we are forced to separate without Oneness in order to be fully human and grow and evolve as Spiritual Beings. For many of us, who still feel our Star Connections, we struggle with Duality;  how to protect ourselves from those whose duality has taken over.

Duality, is your Human side living in harmony with your True Self, your Spiritual Self; and the separation from True Oneness is not an easy one to make.  We  often have trials and tribulations, directly connected to our Duality. Our Oneness struggles to make sense of these two, now separate beings, who should be One.

Being Human is hard.  We are here to make mistakes, to learn and grow within our Oneness. Those of us with a strong connection to the Hummingbird have some mystical help from this magical bird.

The Hummingbird gently urges you to find your Oneness, your True State of Being and to blend that with the duality of your humanness. This brings us closer to our divine life purpose, and reason for incarnation.

“She is small, but her vibration is strong.”

I would like to recommend the book One, by RIchard Bach.

If anyone is interested in reading this book, I highly recommend it. I read it as a young adult in my 20’s and lost my copy in one of many moves. I bought it again, only to have it become a prized possession, that I will probably pick up again soon.

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