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Spiders – This arachnid invokes many feelings once it is gazed upon, including  fear, disgust and hatred. In reality, the Spider is the most patient and longsuffering of all the Spirit Animals, as they carefully weave their web for you, creating a space where you can restore your spirit. The Spider is a gentle reminder of your power within your own life, and that it is now time to weave your dreams into reality. The Spider is there to remind you that you create your own destiny, and no one but you creates, and keeps their own destiny on track. Invoke the Spider when you need balance.

In Italian Folklore, the Spider is a creature that would usually bite a woman, who would fall into a trance, called tarantism. The tarantula bite became associated with it and was said to have caused the trance like state. The only way to get her out of the trance was to dance rhythmically in circles around her until she was free of the spider bite effects. This Dance is called the Tarantella.

*on a personal note, I find it hilarious that this dance is done at Italian Weddings, after the ceremony.

Another Italian Folklore about the Spider, is that they bring about an increase in money. My cousin told me the tale, after I had posted a picture of a giant spider on Instagram, with the caption saying something like, “spiders always find me.”

Spider Symbolism

The Spider helps you out of creative ruts, helps you out of situations where you feel trapped. If you need help keeping your cool in a delicate situation, call upon Spider Energy to help you weave your way out, and keep firm footing, along the way.

Attributes of Spider Energy:



Feminine Energy

Weaver of Life’s Fate

The Spider has both dark and light attributes, reflecting life’s ups and downs.

Spider in a Reading

When the Spider comes up in  reading, it is urging you to follow your creative spark, and to trust in those feelings, and use your gifts through writings to enlighten and inspire.

My entire life was spent afraid of spiders, but now knowing their energy, and qualities, I’ll look at them much differently, and notice the signs they bring me.

Spider as a Totem Animal

With the Spider as your Totem Animal, you belong to a group who makes and keeps their own destiny. If the Spider comes up in your reading, it it telling you that you are a Wild Child, who’s inner voice is guiding you toward your divine life’s purpose, and not to let go of the Spider Energy, as you embark upon your journey.

The Spider means you were born with a natural sense of balance in terms of a mind, body, spirit connection; and you have a symmetrical soul, with the ability to balance between realms. You have a keen understanding of medicine and how to weave things positively, and unravel negative situations. Many writers have The Spider as their Totem Animal, because the Spider is the Totem for communication.

The Spider in Ancient Egypt, represented the Divine Female Mother Energy, known as Neith., or the Prime Creator. She was the Ancient Goddess of War and Weaving. Neith is also the Mother of the Sun God Ra, whom was the first God to be worshiped in a monotheistic manner by order of Akhenaten, father of Tutankhamun. King Tut as he is known historically, changed the worship back to Polytheism, when he took the throne in 1333 BC. Neith is known as the Virgin Mother of the world, a form of Isis, she is also the Mother of Horus, Isis and Osiris. It is said she is a protector of male energies and has taken on male forms from time to time.

“Neith never engaged in any kind of sexual union; that is, she was eternally a virgin. Yet, as the Primordial Being, she was also generative. Thus, in Neith we have one of the earliest appearances of the archetype of the Virgin Mother, the Holy Parthenos, in her original, unadulterated form.”


Spider Woman – Thinking

Native American Goddess, The Spider Woman (Teotihuacan) is the great “Thought Woman.” She created the Universe by spinning two threads, one North to South and one East to West.  She destroyed and rewove her web numerous times, saving only the enlightened and wise. Spider Woman is master of thought manifesting into matter. She wove the Dreamcatcher to catch only good thoughts and steer night terrors away. Spider Woman is here to give you counsel to reconnect to your reality. You have many paths in your life, focus on what you do not want and let go. Focus on what you do not want  as you are cosmically manifesting with your thoughts consciously and unconsciously. You are part of this expanding Universe.

Notice how many creation stories from ancient texts relate the Universe to being born of female energy. Our Spirit Animals reside in the same Realm as our Spirit Guides, and the all work together to guide us toward our personal spiritual enlightenment. Not only is the future female, but the distant past seemed to be female as well.


We are all familiar with the story of Spiderman, and Peter parker being bitten by the radioactive spider, thus giving him powers. The symbolism of the Spider fighting crime definitely has its roots in Spirit Animals and Ancient History. Legends of the Spider date back thousands of years, and thanks to Stan Lee we have a legendary Spirit Animal being portrayed in human form, to fix the world.






  • extreme or irrational fear of spiders.

Up until a few years ago, I was suffering from arachnophobia. After hearing the Italian legend of the Spider, I began to look at them in a different light. The Spider is an incredible Spirit Animal to have on your side. So next time a spider crawls out of a crack in the wall, instead of trying to kill it, let the spider live, and connect with it, most likely he’s there with a message for you.




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