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May 24, 2018


Pueo (Hawaiian Owl)

Pueo Owl Legend & Folklore

The Protector

Owls have always played an important role in Legend. In Hawaiian Legend, the Pueo is sacred. Owls are associated with night, wisdom and knowledge. ‘The Bringer’ of good fortune, the Pueo Owl was native to Hawaii, even before the arrival of the first Polynesians. Naturally the bird was placed under high esteem.

The Pueo  Owl is one of more famous of the various physical forms assumed by ʻaumākua (ancestor spirits) in Hawaiian culture.


ʻaumakua (/aʊˈmɑːkuːə/; often spelled aumakua) according to Hawaiian Mythology is a close, intimate family god who is considered to be a deified ancestor.

Aumakua can manifest in many forms, most often as a shark or an owl. They are said to dwell on rocks, and their appearance was to be considered an omen, for both good and bad situations. Aumakua are known to intervene and save their descendants from harm.

Aumakua Manifestations:

* Pueo Owl


*Sea Turtle


*Monarch Butterfly











This is a gentle reminder to respect all life on Earth, and that each physical representation of our planet, whether animate or inanimate has consciousness.

Hawaiian Spirit Elders can manifest in both the Physical and Spiritual Realms; depending on the work they need to do here on Earth, can either be permitted to remain in the Spirit Realm or return to a manifestation of a physical form.



Truth Seeing




Ancient Wisdom

Power of Silence

Attention to Detail

Seeing the Big Picture


As a Spirit Animal (general)

The Owl gives you “New Eyes” with which to see your current situation, and how to decipher the symbols to lead the way. The Owl invites you to settle in and refocus. Seeing the details as well as the big picture. An Owl Spirit Guide can help you hear the true meaning of what is being said, rather than let emotion take over, to where the big picture gets lost within the emotion. Call upon Owl Energy to give you discretion.

Owl as a Totem Animal (general)

The Owl helps you connect with The Yin of The Universe. You notice your connection with the Lunar Cycles growing stronger. This energy calls for you to embrace your Inner Goddess, (which is connected to the Moon), inviting you to take a moment to listen to your inner voice. The Owl as a Totem Animal reminds you that your knowledge is enough.

Owl in a Reading (Pueo)

Your ancestral Spirit Guides are offering you guidance now. Pay close attention to signs and omens coming from them.


Lilith – Empowerment

The Ancient Sumerian Goddess Lilith, whose name means Screech Owl, was the first wife of the Biblical Adam. She was cast out of the Garden of Eden by God, for refusing to be submissive to Adam, as she felt she was his equal. She was demonized, and Eve was patronized as the woman made from the rib of the man, living together happily until they ate from the tree of knowledge.

She is a powerful and controversial Goddess who chose independence over submission and allied herself in the Spirit and Animal Realm. She is the Guardian and Protector of all things in Nature. Lilith defies any form of male control. She had been demonized and depicted with claws, when she really should be associated with the Winged-Serpent, and Feminine Divine Energy.

Lilith appears when you need to focus your energy in order to stand up for yourself. She  reminds you to stand by your position, no matter how unpopular it may be, and to act as your own authority.

Owl Power

Be Free in your Uniqueness, independent, empowered, liberated; keep your individuality, equality, original, non-conforming, confident, feminine, free, inclusive, revolutionary self separate form those who wish to bring you harm.

The Pueo Owl helps you open doors to Ancestral knowledge and power, and helps you find doorways to hidden realms. In the quiet of night, The Owl brings solace with its Divine voice becoming more clear. Listen as The Pueo Owl speaks to you.



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