DIY Yoga Bolsters

At Gypsy Tribe Westchester, Aerial Arts & Yoga Studio, we strive to be Eco-friendly, and not wasteful. This includes not wasting money.

Yoga equipment, although small, when bought in bulk can be pricey. Since necessity is the mother of all invention, our amazing intern, Kelly Daley has turned everyday household items into Yoga Bolsters. Check out what she did.

What you will Need:

-Makes 6 Bolsters

12 rolls of paper towel

1 roll of duct tape

Needle & Thread

Straight Pins

3 yards of material

Using duct tape, she fastened 2 rolls of paper towel together.

Purchase inexpensive dollar store paper towels, tape and a sewing kit.

Lay out everything on a surface large enough to measure and cut.

Make one template and continue to cut down the 3 yards of fabric, evenly.

This pizza wheel style fabric roller cuts through multiple layers of fabric quickly, evenly and efficiently. Target $9.99

After all is laid out, wrap the paper towels like a gift, and pin the edges into place.

A little tape to guide you.

Add rubber bands to each end to hold the fabric in more securely. Whip stitch tightly to maintain the shape.

A personalized Yoga Bolster to add some character to your studio!


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