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The Unicorn

May 31, 2018



Unicorn Legend & Folklore

When I first think of The Unicorn I think of the song my grandmother used to sing to a music box. I don’t remember any words, other than “Don’t Forget the Unicorn”, and I can still hear the tune. The Legend is that Noah, as he was setting sail on the Ark, forgot the Unicorns and let them perish in the Great Flood. That thought always made me so sad; because of one mistake, these magnificent creatures are no longer a part of our world.

It is said that the Unicorn went on to live in another Realm, but would appear in times of crisis and banish all evil. The Horn of the Unicorn is said to have healing properties. This sparked legendary hunts for the Unicorn, especially during the Dark Ages, with the outbreak of the Black Plague.

The Legend of those who hunted the Unicorn, were said to do so because the horn contained a magical element called alicorn’. Which was found in the Unicorn’s Horn. Alicorn was said to neutralize poison, cure the plague,  and purify water.



Fun Fact

Marco Polo thought he had discovered Unicorns and was very disappointed in what he saw.

Quote –

“They have hair like that of a buffalo, feet like those of an elephant, and a horn in the middle of the forehead, which is black and very thick … The head resembles that of a wild boar, and they carry it ever bent towards the ground. They delight much to abide in mire and mud. ‘Tis a passing ugly beast to look upon, and is not in the least like that which our stories tell of as being caught in the lap of a virgin; in fact, ’tis altogether different from what we fancied.”

He actually discovered an Indian species of one horned rhinoceros, called Rhinoceros Unicornis, not a Unicorn, but just as majestic of a creature.


Unicorn Attributes & Odd Facts

Unicorns could only be captured by a maiden (virgin)

The Unicorn walks softly and makes no sound (Chinese Legend)

Unicorn Horns can magically heal (Dark Ages)

Sin-you Unicorns can tell right from wrong, truth from lies (Japanese Legend)

Genghis Khan did not conquer India because a Unicorn bowed to him. He took this as a sign from his father from beyond, not to fight and he turned his army back.


The King James version of the Old Testament contains nine references to unicorns, thanks to a mistranslation of the Hebrew word re’em. The original word was likely the Assyrian rimu (auroch), an extinct species of wild ox.

Scotland’s King James III had coins in the 1400 called the Unicorn and Half-Unicorn.

Ancient Babylon heralded the Unicorn and you can see its image on Ancient Seals.

If you’re looking to hunt a unicorn, but don’t know where to begin, try Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Since 1971, the university has issued permits to unicorn questers. Anyone embarking on such a search is advised to carry a flask of cognac and a pair of pinking shears.


Unicorn in a Reading

When the Unicorn appears in a reading, it is a reminder to indulge in your creativity. Let your imagination run wild with magical artistic expression.


Unicorn as a Spirit Guide

Make all types of creative expression your priority. The Unicorn gently urges you to pursue your dreams, and that you are on the right track to making your artistic dreams a reality. The Unicorn is the magical creature that lives inside you, bringing beauty, love, light, hope and peace to all those it touches.

  1. 1.
    a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead.
  2. 2.
    a start-up company valued at more than a billion dollars, typically in the software or technology sector.



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