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june 14, 2018


Machta Powder Power


Machta is very popular in the US.  Made into powder form, it is used in a variety of different ways. Traditionally steeped into tea; with Origins in China and the more associated Japan, this superfood has been making people healthy for thousands of years.


*In China during the Tang Dynasty (618–907), tea leaves were steamed and formed into tea bricks for storage and trade. The tea was prepared by roasting and pulverizing the tea, and decocting the resulting tea powder in hot water, then adding salt.[2] During the Song Dynasty (960–1279), the method of making powdered tea from steam-prepared dried tea leaves, and preparing the beverage by whipping the tea powder and hot water together in a bowl became popular.[3]


Preparation and consumption of powdered tea was formed into a ritual by Chan or Zen Buddhists. The earliest extant Chan monastic code, entitled Chanyuan Qinggui (Rules of Purity for the Chan Monastery, 1103), describes in detail the etiquette for tea ceremonies.[3][4][better source needed]

Zen Buddhism and the Chinese methods of preparing powdered tea were brought to Japan in 1191 by the monk Eisai. Although powdered tea has not been popular in China for some time, now there is a global resurgence in Matcha tea consumption, including in China. In Japan it continued to be an important item at Zen monasteries, and became highly appreciated by others in the upper echelons of society during the fourteenth through sixteenth centuries.

*Source – Wikipedia 


Traditional Machta Green Tea Preparation

Using a Bamboo Whisk & Tea Bowl

Sift 1-2 tsp machta in a small bowl

Add 2 oz. of hot water, not fully boiled

Use the Bamboo whisk to stir the machta powder

Make a zig-zag pattern with the whisk

Enjoy sipping right from the bowl

Sweet Treats made with Machta


Machta Truffles

Machta Smoothie Bowls

Machta Latte

Machta Cupcakes

Machta Pancakes

Machta Chia Pudding

Machta Ice Cream

Machta Macarons



Machta Tiramisu


Savory Machta Treats


Machta Gnocchi! OMG!

Machta Eggs Benedict

Machta Hummus

Check out the entire article in Self Magazine  and get inspired!



Machta Benefits


One of the most unexpected health benefits of matcha tea, is the boost of energy throughout the day. Researchers had thought that this was from the caffeine in matcha, but they found that it was actually the combination of matcha’s natural properties. Another recent study found that matcha even improved physical endurance by 24%. Coffee only increases performance by 15%.


Machta Torches Body Fat

Fights Cancer

Loaded with antioxidants including the all important *EGCg

Detoxifies Naturally

Calms and Relaxes while Naturally Boosting Energy, no jitters

RIch in Chlorophyll and Iron

Enhances Concentration

Enhances Mood

Lowers Cholesterol

Provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium


*What is EGCg?

EGCg – Epigallocatechin gallate is a type of catechin found in tea.

Catechins are a natural antioxidants which help prevent cell damage. This helps block the formation of free radicals found in the atmosphere, from causing damage to the physical body.

Free radicals are the cause of cancers, aging and other various diseases. EGCg is one of the most powerful components of machta green tea.

Matcha truly has some Healing Properties.






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