Brandless Life Review

I fell in love with Brandless even before I made a purchase. I react to vibes, in person or through the interweb, and I immediately connected with Brandless and their No Bull Product Line.

My first order was conservative, only because I had to stop myself from purchasing every item in stock. So I chose essentials, peanut butter, almond butter, peanut powder, pasta, cookies, popcorn and pretzels. Everything is top quality. Everything is delishhhhhh…..

Almond Butter – great flavor, smooth, not gritty, comes in a cute squeezable pouch.

Peanut Butter – tastes like actual peanuts, and it blends smoothly.

Agave Nectar – a little goes a long way, perfectly sweet and we’re already out.

Grade A Maple Syrup – it was a pancake party, and the Maple Syrup was the guest of honor.

Organic Peanut Butter Powder – tastes like real peanuts! Perfect with banana and chocolate protein powder. Now to find some other fun uses for the PB Powder.

Everything Pretzel Thins – alone or with hummus, these are addicting.

Organic Crushed Pepper & Truffle Oil Popcorn – the pepper was perfect, but I would have liked a little more truffle flavor.

Organic Herbal Tea Sampler – I love tea, and these teas are high quality and full of flavor. The Chamomile is my favorite, but the Pomegranate White Tea is surprisingly good. Most berry teas are tart, but these all have a smooth flavor.

Double Chocolate Cookie Thins – AMAAAAAZING Crunch! and I must try all the other flavors soon.

Chocolate Creme Cookies – I’m almost afraid to tell you how good these were, for fear of them selling out, but they are incredible. Only 9 grams of sugar and to me, it’s better than it’s sugary counterpart. This is my perfect cookie.

Organic Lumaconi Giant Pasta – already gone. t

Two meals with a meat sauce and here in a much lighter dish with artichoke, mushroom and asparagus, in garlic & oil.


Lemon Basil Scones – I haven’t baked these yet, mostly because I don’t have a scone baking pan, and I cannot bake. So as soon as I have someone make these, I’ll tell you how great the were.

Green Tea & Aloe Body Wash – I love this body wash, it lathers well, smells fresh, and gives the skin a little tingle. Perfect for your morning shower.

Lemon Verbena Surface Cleaning Wipes – I like these as much as I like using Meyer’s Brand organic cleaning products. One wipe goes a long way.

I’m so excited that I’ve run out of ketchup, mayo, honey and agave, rice, and quinoa. Brandless saves money, and time. The only way to make Brandless even more awesome, is one day shipping…….

After just one order, I’ve decided I’m switching to Brandless for most of my household items. Brandless is a great brand name.

Any product suggestions?


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