November, a Very Sacred Month

November 1 marks All Souls Day, a day to remember those family and friends who have passed. This is a great time of healing, as October 31 or Halloween is a time when veils between worlds can lift. This can help us manifest our goals and dreams by calling upon our ancestral strength, as these energies are at their strongest now.

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This is an especially auspicious time in our history, because we are fighting that battle between good and evil, light and darkness, knowledge and ignorance, as celebrated in the Hindu Festival of Diwali.

Our Democracy is sitting on a sliver of hope, that many voters will go out and vote to help keep our country free. Our Democracy is sitting on the edge, waiting for those who don’t vote to understand the importance of this Right.

I cannot tell you which party to vote for, but I can tell you that these decisions will have even worse ramifications of complacency continues.

I wish you all the light and love that Diwali offers, and I hope we can come together as a country, and for the good of all.



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