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November, 27 2018

One of the most difficult things, aside from running a small business alone; is being the brand itself. My brand mixes wisdom, nerdy anatomy and pain management through movement and proper dietary needs (when I can manage to eat). When you have uncontrollable pain and discomfort, the only thing you want is a way to feel better, without tons of medication, and side effects.
I, myself take a medication to help me sleep, and calm the nerve pain from Fibromyalgia. The worst part about this pain is nights. It will keep you awake, and make your days much harder. By the time I sought a doctors help, I could not workout, find energy or any relief. I hadn’t slept well in months, and had been awake most nights for 5 straight days. I felt like I was dying, and I knew I needed a change to help me function better. Sleep was number one on my list. I knew once I could regulate a sleep schedule I could begin to function more normally. Of course, I decided to open a business at this exact time, where the perfect storm of sickness, stress and jealous people adding to that stress almost took me down. Almost. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so by now I’m made of intergalactic meteorite material.
There are times when the only thing to do it stop for a moment, speak your mind and mentally prepare yourself to keep moving forward. Recently, I lost a teacher at 6 am. So I stepped up and taught. I thought my body would be screaming at me, but its not. I know I may only be able to do this once a week, but I’m still doing it. I’m teaching Power Vinyasa, Hatha and Aerial to adults and kids. When I first opened my studio 8 months ago, I was exhausted, and still feeling incredibly sick. I had help in the beginning, but as time has gone on, and life goes through cycles, I find the studio and myself at a moment of rebirth. I thought that my health would get worse with time but it didn’t, it got better.
I stopped, took time for myself, sat in meditation, made sure to practice everyday and push myself to be better, physically, mentally and spiritually. If you don’t address all three key components to health, you are most definitely off balance.
Routine is mandatory to taking control of your pain, and routine is a key component to the self healing of Ayurvedic and Yogic Living. Waking and sleeping at the same times and making time for your self care are essential. Even the foods you eat, or don’t eat have an impact on your health. I’m not talking about the common cold or flu, but sicknesses that require major life changes.
Physical illness is the end of the line in health. All illness begins in the Ethereal Body, the Spirit connected to the Body. Illness works its way out from the inside. It’s almost as if we collect it in our physical bodies, and wait for a catalyst to release it. Its luck of the draw as to what we end up with, but everyone suffers from something.
Whether it’s a physical or mental ailment, or a physical ailment that affects the mental state and vice versa, there are ways to combat it on a deep level that helps you connect with your true self. It is only then that we begin to heal. You cannot fix your life until you face it.
This is not a claim to heal cancers and other severe illnesses that need modern medical attention. The Yogic Lifestyle can be adapted at any and every walk of life to help improve your outlook, which in turn becomes healing.
Outside forces constantly bombard us with pollutants, chemicals and negative vibrations. This sinks into our ethereal bodies and creates dis-ease. According to Ayurveda, dis-ease occurs when the Dosha’s are not in balance. For more on Dosha’s check out my blog from April 5, 2018.
Once sickness begins to attack the physical body, we begin to seek treatment. This is often too late to completely correct the issue, so we turn to modern medicine for quick relief. Problem solved, right? No, the quick fix stops there, unless a doctor prescribes after care, the treatment ends when the medication ends. We don’t stop to think about the next time we may feel sick, until it happens again. Ayurveda and Yoga can help prevent the illness from occurring again, or it may help the illness occur with less severity. Ayurveda is preventative health. Ayurveda is corrective help. Ayurveda works with the body and it takes time, but the effects are lasting.
Ayurveda and Yoga helped save my life because it gave me the purpose of simply being me. Ayurveda and Yoga helped me accept my Fibromyalgia, and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and taught me to rearrange my life, so that the same things can exist in it. Ayurveday and Yoga gave complete understanding of exactly what that means.
Try my classes at Gypsy Tribe Westchester. If you suffer with pain, like I do, I can help you.



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