Going Gypsy!

We’re embracing the Gypsy/Circus Life and looking to purchase a bus to travel as a group, The Gypsy Tribe Skydancers.

Closing the doors on 69 Westchester Ave. opened several more. The Skydancers are a talented group of young people who were born to shine ⭐

Rather than be stuck to a space, we have the opportunity to set up and travel as a group to rehearsals and performances.

As we inch closer to a temporary space, we feel getting a heads up on transportation is a must.

Please help the Skydancers continue their Art. From ages 6-16, we can’t let this talent go to waste.

Yes Gypsies, we have made a huge decision about the future of Gypsy Tribe. The most important part of the studio, were the clients, in particular the dedicated and talented Gypsy Tribe Skydancers. If you were at our Tree Lighting Performance, you saw exactly how amazing these kids are. With so many possibilities on the horizon, we feel that we can get our rehearsals in, but not in Pound Ridge at the moment.

In order to simplify, we’ve decided a bus is our best option. This bus will give us the freedom to travel together to rehearsals and performances. As we gear toward a partnership with Westchester Circus Arts, we feel this is the best possible solution to our current situation.

This Giving Tuesday, please consider helping the Pound Ridge Community Kids, the Gypsy Tribe Skydancers, who deserve the gift of continuing their passion for the Aerial Arts.

Please Donate Here.

Thank you again for your support and generosity.



Published by Roseanne Carlo

Founder at Gypsy Tribe Westchester 69 Westchester Ave Pound Ridge, NY 10576

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