Memoirs of a Frankenbitch™ – An Introduction – Edited

Due to a person who believes he can throw money and lawyers at someone to silence them, here is my edited version of my story that is not defamatory, but in fact true. I am in fear for my life and feel the need to change my identity in order to feel safe. I’ve changed a few things but stand by this truth, like all the other truths I’ve told. This time, I can’t be proven wrong. Stop trying to silence people from the truth. Your reputation is what it is because it’s true.

Years ago I nicknamed myself FRANKENBITCH™, because there have been people in my life that have ripped it apart and as I sewed my broken pieces back together, the threads remained angry. 
I’m incredibly tired of toxic masculinity. Those men, and their unadulterated hatred of any form of femininity or feminism. 
I’m an “easy target” or so they think. What they don’t know is, I’ve been treated so poorly by most men that I’ve encountered my entire life, that I’m more than prepared for it, always. Always on guard with my words, actions, sound of my voice, apparently, I can be…(insert derogatory remark here). I’m smart and capable and hated for it. 
I never want fights, but apparently me opening my mouth is reason enough to attack me. I feel like I have to walk around a man’s fragile little ego, so he’s not offended by my presence. Actually, f*** it, I hate toxic men, and a few women that act just like them.

After 3 years of torture, the most evil thing any human can do, has been done. They’ve thrown a disabled 9/11 First Responder out into the cold, after he and his wife have held us financially captive and depleted our life savings, as they laugh with delight at destroying our lives. They actually believe this is a game with no serious ramifications for us. An eviction, especially when we have no proof of ever paying rent, will hurt our chances to rent anything going forward.
We don’t even have money for food. This is what we get when we give the wealthy more money and power. Didn’t they just get a large tax break, one that will directly affect my tax refund?

Mike was bitten by their cat, Mike was abused by these people, we were stalked and tracked. I am afraid to leave my house, the house I’m now being forcefully thrown out of. I don’t think I will ever feel safe again. I suffer from Complex PTSD from my abusive first marriage, and I now suffer from Complex Trauma Disorder, due to the last year of my life, and how it was systematically destroyed by people I hardly know. I was ganged up on by a bunch of grown men and women, intent on stealing from me, which they succeeded in doing. What I’ve experienced is discrimination and tortious interference in business. Certain individuals have made my life a living hell. Every minute feels like an hour.

Understand, we WANT to leave this house,  we need to for our safety, because the landlords have let us know they’ve been tracking us. How am I ever supposed to feel safe again? The landlords even managed to obtain certain medical records. This is so terrifying, and I cannot function much of the day. I’ve never been violated quite like this before. I feel I have to change my identity in order to live my life free of these people.

I will tell this story, and no one will stop me. This is the most recent development. I have decided in order to further protect myself, I will not redact certain names. We are in the age where the liars and cheats are getting caught. I am simply adding two more to the bunch. The wealthy, this particular generation of wealthy, are the most disgusting bunch of vile humans ever to slither across the Earth. I will do my part to bring attention to this type of heinous behavior.

I have NOTHING anymore, it was all taken from me by certain individuals in Pound Ridge, NY. Since I have nothing more to lose, I may as well take these bastards down with me.

Here’s what I will say. I love to throw around numbers to rich morons because it’s the only thing that hurts them. Money. It’s as if their feelings are tied up in money. Ugh, I never want that for myself. It seems so hollow.

I don’t lie. Neither does Mike. He actually said the other night “I shouldn’t have said anything about the cat bite, so this wouldn’t have happened.” But it’s the best thing! We were not welcome in Pound Ridge. The only people who will be upset by this live in such a small world that no onea cares and no one  will read this in a week. It will be old news. I can’t wait for that.
I can’t wait to break free of this prison, and never look back, with my integrity and a new life.
You can’t win when you cheat. So you can either waste your time coming after me, or move on to a new obsession.

Thank You, Next.


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