They’re Out There

We’re up in Pine Bush, NY. Mike grew up here. Cute town. It has one of the highest UFO sightings in the US.

Everyone here has stories of seeing flying discs. There’s even the cutest Diner called the Cup & Saucer (get it?), and an annual Alien Parade πŸ‘½

So we’re out and about, and there’s the moon. I’m obsessed with taking pictures of the moon, so I take out the camera and accidentally pressed record, and caught a thing.

“They’re Out There”

Traveling with 2 dogs and a very upset cat, is a challenge, especially in this cold, but experiences like this are once in a lifetime. I hope to catch some crazy things along the way, and you all enjoy the trip with us.

For now…tell me what you think this is. πŸ‘½


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