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Glamping with Pets

March 5, 2019

How to Take the Stress Out of Travel with Pets

Traveler’s Notebook

Pet Care on the Road

Travel, especially when driving, is exhausting and stressful on a good day. Now add in pets who are used to one particular way of life, and you may run into some very scared and confused animals. Safety and comfort should be first on the list.

Harness, Leash and Tags & Shots

First things first, make sure your pets are up to date with shots, heartworm meds, flea and tick repellant. Once that’s taken care of, make sure your pets have the proper rabies tags, microchip and contact information.

A harness is best to attach a leash to, rather than a collar. I keep the collars for tags, plus my girls love their bling. A harness can be safely buckled to the seat, to ensure  your pets are as safe as can be.

On the Road


If you’re a cat person, you know how they hate the box. And if you’re cat is anything like my Buster, who loves to be outside, catching mice and birds, you will understand that this transition hasn’t been easy on him. The box was making him miserable, so we devised a chicken wire area for him that took up the back of the cab. Buster being an escape artist got out. That’s when I decided to trust him. He now lays in his bed, behind my seat, sleeping or looking out at the sights, and he gets carried in and out of the car in his bed, like the Royalty he knows he is. He’s adjusting well to spending time with us, and giving and getting more love. Once I picked Buster up, held him close and whispered “why won’t you love me?’ I was met with his paw pushing my chin out of his face, now he lays next to me at night and purrs while I fall asleep. I also have constant conversations with him, and the dogs to explain our situation. I feel it helps all of us.

Buster the Escape Artist

Buster eats mornings and evenings, and has a portable water bottle & treats near his bed, so he’s got it all. He was my biggest worry, but he’s proved that you have to have a little trust in your fur babies, and they won’t let you down on a road trip.


Dogs are a bit different, since they need circulating air, low music and frequent breaks to stretch and do their business. We have a two door cab, with 2 dogs and a cat, that gets a bit crowded, so we chose not to drive more than 8 hours at a time, and stay in one place for at least a week.

The first week was rough, being in the freezing cold, and constantly uprooting the dogs, but now they hear the word “adventure” and they are ready to get in the car.


Constant reinforcement of “good girls” really helps the dogs mental state, when they get restless on the road. It’s very easy for your dog to get distracted and over excited, so kind, positive words help keep them calm and make travel much easier.


The behavior we display has everything to do with the behavior and well being of the pets, especially when living in 260 square feet.

Nights in particular are difficult for me, as I suffer from insomnia and insomnia anxiety. I’ve taken my yoga teachings and knowledge to figure out how to make nights with no electricity work for me. We use a generator for power, and as you can imagine it’s noisy. We chose to turn it off by 10-11 pm, depending on how many people are surrounding us. Until then, I use blue and purple lights to calm the 6th and 7th Chakras. By calming myself, the fur babies fall right into the relaxation as well.

It seems to be working for all of us, especially Buster who was trying to rip the screens out of the windows. Poor thing.

Eventually you begin to get the hang of things. It’s only been 2 weeks for us, since I was illegally evicted from both my business and my home, in Pound Ridge, NY with no help from anyone. that town will forever be my nemesis. But you don’t survive by reliving other people’s nasty behavior toward you. You get away from the abuse, and save your life, which is what I did. This trip is proving how much stronger I am than even I thought I was; for that, I will be forever grateful.

A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

All 5 of us on one sofa, under blue lights, out in the middle of nowhere.


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