Mental Health Awareness Month-Complex PTSD and Triggers

Triggers with traumatic experiences happen all the time, and from all different sources. An innocent slamming of a car door, car alarm or dog barking. But when it is intentional triggering, or gaslighting; it’s abuse.

At your lowest point, you will see the true colors of those around you. They will either offer you support, or further tear you down. I’ve encountered both.

All I can do is regroup, but that takes longer these days.

I’m sharing this post in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. Please be kind, especially when someone is outwardly expressing pain due to trauma. Choosing to antagonize a survivor of trauma, especially within the first few months of the occurrence, when they still haven’t developed the skills to cope, says that you are the type of person who enjoys other people’s pain and thrives on doing more damage.

The following is my Instagram excerpt:

Some things went down. Necessary things. Ever notice how the only people who have an issue with you sharing your life, are the people who never share a thing? What are you hiding?
We have become so jaded and jealous of one another, some say due to social media. But I think it’s brought awareness to an increase in narcissistic and sociopathic behaviors.
When we share stories of trauma, eating disorders, drug and alcohol addictions, break-ups and so on; we aren’t doing it for attention. We aren’t the ones in Facebook talking about our headache (remember those days? ๐Ÿ™„). We are speaking out to connect with others who may have experienced something similar and letting them know they aren’t alone. If you think that’s a problem, you’re the problem.
Only narcissists have issues with truth. And to the people I’m talking to, you only get along when you gang up on people, with misinformation. No we don’t know each other well, but what you’ve shown me, doesn’t mesh with my vibe, my anxiety and panic attacks last 14 + hours, so stop triggering me. IT’S UNBEARABLE.


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