Tools to Cope with Trauma

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May 24, 2019

Tools to Cope with Trauma

The All Encompassing Ramifications of Trauma

Many of us have suffered from traumatic experiences at all stages of life. Some of us do not realize we’ve experienced trauma and we will ignore clear signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, simply to avoid the stigma of mental illness.

There are those born with disorders, and there are those with learned disorders. Then there is the difficult aspect of trauma disorders that come from an outside source that takes control of your life and therefore your mental state. This is a dangerous disorder because it stems from events that are often beyond your control. This is Complex Trauma Disorder, and Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The ability to cope is a challenge, whether you have access to mental health care or not. No amount of therapy can prepare you for the panic, anxiety, and depression that can become so overwhelming, you get lost for hours in the cycle of events. Sometimes you relive the event as it was. Sometimes you play it out to where it works out in your favor, and sometimes you get lost in a different life, just to have a mental break from what is very difficult to control.

As I work through my own trauma and panic, I’d like to share my tips and coping mechanisms. I hope some of what you read below is helpful.


Inactive Meditation – lying down or seated, with or without music. Additionally incense, candles can be used to assist with this process. It’s ok if it only lasts 2 minutes the first time, it’s ok if you fall asleep. Eventually your mind will recognize the benefits of meditation and you will find yourself easing into a state of bliss more easily.

Cleansing Bath – Get a good steam going in the tub, add Epsom Salts to help relax the tension built up in the physical body. Add a scented tonic or essential oil blend. Flowers are optional but do add a sweet scent and opulent ambiance. Gemstones are also optional, but add positive energy. Lighting is essential. Low lights are my preference. Soak about 20-25 minutes. If you’re feeling like you’re catching a cold or flu, add 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide to the bath to pull out the toxins and help with inflammation and pain in the body that occurs with sickness.


Endurance and breath are one and the same. If you can control the breath you can control the endurance. Physical endurance builds up your mental endurance. Mental & physical endurance are the same, building up one, assists the other.

Running/Walking – indoor or outdoors to lift your endorphins, increase your endurance both mentally and physically, because one does rely on the other.

Hiking/Nature – For the true adventurer at heart. Take walking to the next level and discover how strong you can be to push through rugged terrain and soak in breathtaking nature. Of course visiting a Botanical Garden, Town Park or simply your own back yard, gardening can be helpful and also active meditation.

Swimming/ Water – For many, being surrounded by water is healing. Water cleanses us, mind body and spirit. If you’re not a swimmer, surrounding yourself with vacations by lakes and oceans can be healing. Waterfalls are especially healing as they let off Negative IONS which we breath in as Positive Energy.

Active Meditation – Dance, running, knitting, cooking, yoga, or any activity that you feel brings you peace. It can be more than one thing too, it’s OK to mix it up when trying to release trauma.


Crying – Ugly Crying Welcome. Crying is a release and a really good one. Play a sad song (Sound Healing Therapy), or watch a movie that makes you cry every time. Let your feelings out through crying, it is the body and souls way of releasing pain through water.

Music – decade playlists or mood playlists. Sound Healing Therapy is an up and coming type of treatment used to treat trauma disorders, as well as many types of mental illness and help take us into a better frame of mind. Music can transport us back in time, pick your best music for each situation, and make sure you dance!

Dancing – random songs work best. See Music above. But dance, even if it’s the Carleton, or especially if it’s the Carelton. But whatever you do, make sure it makes you smile. Dance Meditation is another trend I’m seeing on Instagram and I must say, it’s so much fun. try it with a hoola-hoop too.

Singing – first song that pops into your head. Who cares if you have no vocal range, or you’re tone deaf, just sing! Singing releases tension on the throat and chest, by the vibrations of the vocal chords. If you really don’t like singing, you can hum, but make sure a happy noise is created by you.

Vocalizations – laughing, singling scales, making vowel sounds. Sometimes you just need to make those guttural sounds to clear out the psychic soul funk that’s weighing you down. A great yoga pose is Lion’s Pose (Simhasana). This lets the breath out with the tongue and it’s a very helpful thing to do when anxiety takes over and you need to focus. Plus if you do it in the mirror, you laugh.

These are simply suggestions, and not the only healing tools out there, but the ones I find the most helpful. Each day is different, so each day we need different tools to combat the negativity due to trauma. Blending these tools can be incredibly helpful because you are learning to combine healthy activities.

If you are looking for deeper insight into dealing with trauma, contact me to book a private reading, or email me a question, (this service is complimentary but will be published). I hope to hear from you.

Thanks For Reading!


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