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June 7, 2019

My Vault of Self Care

Beauty Products, oh how we love them. Finding products that work for us and make our day run more smoothly and efficiently is essential. The familiarity of a product, it’s packaging, a scent can evoke good memories, positive vibes, and an overall pleasant mood.

This is why many of these products are still part of my routine. Some are not cruelty-free, but because of certain allergies and sensitivities, these products have always worked best for me, and are working best for me within my current budget.

Looking good and feeling good are intertwined. Spiritually, and emotionally these self-care rituals bring us a sense of calm in a crazy world. My chosen products make me feel glamorous and timeless. Shine your inner light with self-care and products that make you feel beautiful and regal.

Hair and Body Care

Meyer’s – Hand Soap. I love the aromatherapy aspect of these products. My favorite scent is Basil. Dish soap, multi-purpose cleaner, laundry cleaners, and candles are amazing too. (All Basil scented for me.)

Ivory Soap – Liquid Pump Soap is under $5 for 30 oz. The Water Lily scent is my favorite. It does not dry out my skin, or cause irritation like many other soaps do. Ivory Soap has been used by my family for decades. I guess some things never change.

Dr. Teal’s – the best bath salts and foaming baths for pain and inflammation. I suffer from fibromyalgia, and when stress hits, I need to calm my tense muscles. Dr. Teal’s bath soaks work better than any other brand of Epsom Salts I’ve tried. My 4-year-old niece gave it to me as a Christmas Gift and I must say, she’s got great taste and was right on point with choosing an effective product. Dr. Teal’s now carries an aluminum free deodorant I will have to try, as I’ve had no luck with liking any other aluminum-free brands.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter – All of it. This is a cruelty-free brand and I use every product I can find. I love the original cocoa butter, anything with coconut oil, especially The Antioxidant Firming Lotion, which has given me great results with tightening and firming some skin. I also use it on my neck, decollete and face after a shower. The lip balms, whether classic or coconut oil offer moisture and protection. Palmer’s is a staple for me.

Arnica – arnica comes in many forms to help soothe sore muscles. Bath gels and bath salts, creams and roll on’s are just a few ways to apply this incredible healing salve. I am never without arnica, as I always have a sore muscle somewhere. It’s a great medication-free way to deal with external pain and bruising.

Aussie Shampoo – this goes back to the Guido days in NY. Aussie Scrunch Spray and Hair Salad to undo the damage caused by the Scrunch Spray. An 80’s girl from the NYC/Bronx area will agree!

V05 Conditioner – the best conditioner for the money, at about $1.00 (I paid 87 cents) I also use this to shave, as it is much more affordable and works much better than most shaving creams. Since it softens the hair, you get a close shave that is silky smooth, while adding moisture to your legs.


Rosehip Oil– for face and body. So many amazing benefits, including fighting signs of aging, hydrating and brightening the skin, fights acne and protects against sun damage. This all over oil is my go-to after a shower, (I mix a few drops in with my cocoa butter) and as a protective base prior to applying sunscreen.

Witch Hazel –  My grandmother introduced me to Witch Hazel when I was a kid and it was a hot summer day. Witch Hazel on a cotton ball to cool off your face. It reduces the size of pores while getting out excess dirt and oil. I love the glow from this natural, alcohol-free tonic.

Caudalie Beauty Elixer – my go-to for everyday radiance. The glow from this elixer is unlike any other, with it’s natural grape, orange blossom, rose, mint and rosemary; it’s magic is simply that, magic. The priciest on my list, but when you can’t live without something, you just can’t. By the way, I could use a bottle a day if my budget allowed for it.

Zum Face Oil – Softens and nourishes to help give the skin an extra boost. I tend to saturate my nighttime products to ensure my skin is fully treated as I rest. I do the same with the rose oil on my body before bed.

Nip and Fab Dragon’s Blood Serum – I use the Plumping Serum every night on my lips under my cocoa butter lip balm and again before applying lipstick for a night out. This seals the treatment in and keeps your lips looking full and healthy, adding a beautiful natural pink to your pout.

Aztec Sectret Indian Healing Clay Mask – Mixed with Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar I use this on my face, neck, and decollete for a deep clean that you can feel. The way your skin tingles after using this product, brings blood to the surface of the skin, ensuring a healthy, clean complexion. I love to use this after a hot shower and to rinse off under cool shower water to tighten pores.

Jade Roller– I’ve been using one for 15 years, and it has lots of benefits, including helping to clear pressure from sinus headaches. I suffer from PCOS and prior to laser hair removal, I would break out in painful cystic acne due to ingrown hairs. The jade roller helps keep my pores clear by rolling out dirt and oil, (and sometimes facial hair), increases blood circulation, which gives you a super glow. Use with rose oil or Zum oil for increased benefits.

Health and Wellness

Yoga – To Yoke; The Union of mind, body, and spirit. “The Journey of the Self, Through the Self and to the Self.” ~ Bhagavad Gita. Connecting breath with a flow of movement for the optimal mind, body spirit control, Yoga lifts you up in ways you can’t imagine, all while keeping your body healthy. I’ve tried cardio, weights and Group X classes, nothing gives me the intensity all over like good power yoga, or aerial yoga, of course. It’s more than exercise, its an experience, and a gift to be a Yoga Practitioner.

Reading – Reading is the ultimate meditation for me because its the most cerebral of all these practices. Yes, we can get caught up in the story of the book, but I’m talking about the vision we create in our minds. The way we visualize a character or a scene. Getting lost in a good book is the best way to unwind. A real book, not a screen. Read Books.

Music – The Universal Soul Speaking – the language of music. Music evokes emotion and is a magical tool that can reach everyone on a spirit level. Sound Therapy is emerging as a new method of healing, but it has been around for thousands of years. From Tibetan Singing Bowls to jazz or pop, music can heal our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Meditation – A time to calm your mind. Meditation can be active or inactive.  Active Meditations can include knitting, needlepoint, crochet, gardening, and painting. Inactive meditations include seated or supine (lying down) positions, eyes closed ready to let the mind close off to distractions.

Dance Meditation – Mid Day wake up! Shake Your Groove Thing and shake off the stress. Feel energized! I love dance meditation. Moving freely, feeling no pain, just you, the music and the moment.

My Health Elixir  –Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar – my go to natural optimal health elixir. Boosts immune system, is great to help heal a sore throat, and boosts metabolism, its a great addition to salad dressings. I mix one tablespoon with one tablespoon of Manuka Honey for a natural preventative against colds. Manuka Honey is antimicrobial and antibacterial.

Sinex with Vicks  – my allergies are all over the place, and I don’t like the way OTC allergy medicines make me feel. I stick with Sinex with Vicks which does the job and takes away hte inflammation so I can function and breathe. Breath in Sanskrit is described by the word Pranayama which means life force. Maintaining proper breathing channels is essential to body and brain function.

Sunscreen – SPF 50. I still get a golden bronze tan with that high of an SPF. Sunscreen is so important to prevent skin cancer and sun damage, and the higher the SPF the better. Paba, dye free and water resistant to truly protect your skin. It takes up to one full year for your skin to completely heal from a sunburn. Your skin is your bodies biggest organ, protect it well.

Aura/Energy Cleansing

Violet Water by House of Intuition – I love the scent, and how it allows you to relax when putting in bath water, or how calm a room feels after using it to gently clean surfaces.

Florida Water – my Spiritual Scent. Rumor has it, Lucille Ball asked for her bottle of Florida Water shortly before her death, as it has aura cleansing properties. It also has energy protective properties that can be used in spiritual healing and protection. In a bath, it can help soothe muscles. If applied to the pulse points at wrists and temples, Florida Water can help ease headaches.

Nag Champa – the incense of truth and calm. Burn this often as it help open the channels to your subconscious truth.

Sage – is purifying, not just spiritually, but can help with indoor allergies. Burn sage after vacuuming to purify the air. The spiritual side f this combination is to suck the bad energy out of the room and purify with this smokey energy cleanser.

Palo Santo – Cleanse your Sacred Space. Much like sage, Palo Santo clears the air of negativity, both internally and externally.

Hematite Ring – excellent for healing pain and promoting good blood flow. It also eliminates stress and anxiety and helps absorb negative energy in and around the body.

Lucky Stone (Moon-Stone) Ring – in my studies at The Ayurvedic Institute, I learned my proper gemstone to bring ease into my life. Vedic Astrology known as Jyotish is scientific, complex and also makes perfect sense when you look at your life as a part of the Cosmos. Ayurveda and Yoga go hand in hand, so contact me to find out the secret of your personal gemstone, and how to blend these philosophies into your life to make positive changes.


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