Each Tuesday cards and gemstones are pulled and paired off to give you guidance. Check out my IGTV Channel for more reveals like this, and information on my 8 week Summer Wellness Program, designed to align the Chakras and balance out the mind, body spirit connection.

Normally I only use Instagram & Facebook for these readings, but I’ve decided sharing them with my Blog subscribers would also be fun.

I choose gemstones and cards from one of my many decks, after meditation. I interpret the two together and Reveal the Reading.

Please enjoy!

White Lace Agate – composure, maturity, harmony and peace. soothes away negative energy. If you are experiencing a confidence low, use this stone to take the negative energy away from your Solar Plexus.

Crystal Quartz – neither a liquid nor a solid it vibrates 32,768/second, it stores information clears the mind, enhances your vibrations as well as the vibrations of other stones. Open your windows and place stones in the light to let the sun and wind bring healing energy inside. Make sure to spend time outside too, with Mother Nature.

Selenite – strengthens memory, creates a clear and open path to activate the Crown Chakra. Removes energy blockages both internally and externally.
The Blessing in Disguise was Divine Intervention and will bring you more than you think you lost.


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