Root Chakra Healing

June 28, 2019

Root Chakra Alignment

Summer is a time to slow down, relax and enjoy the little moments. What can possibly make that better? Yoga of course. Specifically, Chakra Balancing Yoga mixed with some great Ayurvedic tips for staying balanced, and cool in the heat.

I’ve come up with a great Root Chakra Opening Yoga Flow, with a fab playlist for the flow and meditation. It really helped the sciatic pain in my lower back, and has helped give me a new foundation from which to begin to rebuild my internal strength.

Suffering from C-PTSD, it is incredibly important to remain as balanced as possible and learn to recognize your triggers, and how to utilize your breath to help defeat the panic. Panic and anxiety affect your Root Chakra, here are some symptoms:

Financial Hardship

Chronic Health Issues

Lack of Energy

Lack of Boundaries

Generalized fear and anxiety

Feelings of greed and jealousy

Low Back Pain

Recognizing these symptoms can help you clear that energy quickly and efficiently. Grounding yourself with the color red, on your nails and toes, a red sock or shoe, or red lipstick can help attract the positive energy to balance out your Root Chakra.

Some Popular Gemstones for Root Chakra Healing:



Smoked Quartz




Meditate with one of these stones placed at the Root Chakra to harness the power of the stones for optimal energy healing. 

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