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Mercury in Retrograde, a time where life turns upside down, but why? Several times per year, Mercury is at it’s furthest point from the Sun, this slows down its orbit and gives us here on Earth the appearance that Mercury is moving backward or in Retrograde motion.
What happens at this time is an energy shift that causes chaos, because Earth ‘feels drunk” gazing upon Mercury and the optical illusion of moving backward.
In Vedic Astrology, Mercury rules the Subthalamus part of the brain and is associated with the Gemstone Emerald. Emeralds help open up the channels of creativity, mainly through writing. The Subthalamus dominates communication. When Mercury is in retrograde, it affects human psychology directly related to communication.

thaluh-muhโ€‰s ]

noun, plural thalยทaยทmi [thaluh-mahy] /หˆฮธรฆlโ€‰ษ™หŒmaษช/.
Anatomy. the middle part of the diencephalon through which sensory impulses pass to reachthe cerebral cortex.
Botany. a receptacle or torus.
Also called thalamium. an apartment for women in an ancient Greek house.

In turn, we suffer from instability in communication, loss of meaning, and loss of focus.
The primary function of the Subthalamus is sensory signals, which is why we become more umbrageous and look at everyone in a different light. Everything is askew when one becomes affected by Mercury Retrograde Energy are motor signals, cognitive skills, problem-solving, memory, language and judgment, and our ability to communicate. All are primary functions of the Frontal Lobe. The Frontal Lobe does not fully develop until age twenty-five, so this may affect younger individuals on a deeper level.
For the Cerebral Cortex, it affects the regulation of sleep, consciousness, and alertness.
These ‘symptoms’ may ebb and flow throughout the cycle of Retrograde, but as I have said before, recognizing the effect this Celestial Occurrence has on you can help you understand your emotions better at this time, and why it is best to leave big decisions alone until you feel grounded.

Today’s Deck is The Path of the Soul by Cheryl Lee Harnish.

Card 20 – Companion’s Love
Passion, Creation, Union between Lovers. Source Energy.

Gemstones I’ve selected to help balance out our energies:

Emerald – Inspiration for writers, enhances unconditional love and brings loyalty and domestic bliss.

Bloodstone – grounds negative energy, cleanses and detoxifies the body, brings love to any situation.

Moonstone -New beginnings, inner growth & strength, soothes emotional instability and brings calm.

Quartz Crystal – clears the mind of negative energy, enhances spiritual receptiveness, amplifies other gemstones to higher vibrations.

Rose Quartz – clears out anger, resentment & jealousy and attracts love and loving thoughts and words.

Jasper Peridot – brings on good health, restful sleep, peaceful relationships ad balances emotions and the mind.

Angelite – blue to enhance the Throat Chakra – Visshudha, brings on a deep feeling of peace and tranquility, and raises spiritual awareness.

White Lace Agate – centers and soothes stress, realigns and slows down thoughts and softens vibrations.

Pyrite – protects and shields from negative energy, blocks energy leaks and mends auric tears.

Tune in to IGTV – Roseanne.Carlo.Stone for the full video interpretation.

“May Your Mercury be More Freddy and Less Retrograde.”

Thank you to whomever came up with this phrase.

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