Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura

The Manipura Chakra means “Resplendent Gem” in Sanskrit. This Chakra is positioned above the navel in the Solar Plexus region or center of the body.
Manipura is responsible for the ‘pearls of wisdom,’ well being, clarity, common sense and self-confidence within us. Physically it affects the stomach, digestions, and overall health, which begins in the gut. The color associated with Manipura is Yellow.
From a physical fitness aspect, Manipura is core strength.

Strengthening Manipura both internally and externally is empowering.

When it is blocked, we can experience:

Emotional Overload
Feelings of being Powerless
Feeling the need to Control
Low self-esteem
Unresolved guilt
Lack of purpose
Emotional Dreams

Digestive issues

If any of this sounds familiar, and if you feel incredibly overwhelmed and tired in the Solar Plexus area, you are suffering from Burnout, and it’s beginning to affect you emotionally.
Surround yourself with beautiful sunny yellow candles or flowers and focus that color inward.

To enhance this further, these Gemstones will be helpful:

Tiger’s Eye
Yellow Topaz
Yellow Jasper
Yellow Tourmaline

This weeks Yoga Flow focuses on planks and balance, a full Solar Plexus workout: Strong Mind, Strong Body, Strong Spirit.


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