🔮🧿 Tarot Tuesday – Decks 🧿🔮

An introduction to my many decks, in my ever growing collection of Tarot and Divination Cards. I love combining Gemstones to connect the cards to the Planets needed for healing from trauma and grief.
I explain a bit about my necklace, The Larimer Stone, and I’ll be taking a more in depth look at the stones I’ve been wearing as I work through my Chakra Booster Program, Week 5 Vishuddha – Throat Chakra.
With no access to doctors on my 45 day journey in my camper, after being forced from my home in NY and finding The War Room in Savannah, I’ve begun to find the deepest strength one can have inside. Full Moon in Capricorn – My Sun Sign – Everything’s Coming Up Roses 🌹🌹🌹
Let my enthusiasm lead you to a 30 minute Reading for $20.
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