Throat Chakra- Vishuddha

Vishuddha, The Fifth Chakra, meaning “Especially Pure,” is responsible for growth and maturity through communication. This Purity does not mean that we have to speak only kind words, but through this growth, understand the correct way to communicate concerning the circumstances.

When your Thorat Chakra is blocked you may experience:

Chronic Sore Throats
Strep Throat
Chronic Laryngitis
Persistent Swollen Glands
Dental Issues
Thyroid Imbalances
TMJ (Temporomandibular Disorders of the Jaw)
Neck and Trapezoid Pain

Yoga flows are not enough to combat a blocked Vishuddha. You must vocalize through song, chanting, prayer, and breath to free the blockage.
I like to make motorcycle sounds for opening up the Fifth Chakra, then a few scales. {No I’m not the fantastic professional singer many of my friends are}, but it relaxes the throat and clears away stale energy.
Other’s words can affect us and cause the Throat Chakra to block, as well as when we hold back our voice.
The only sound you should not make alone is the vibration of AUM (OM), instead, replace with SO HAM. HAM is the verbalization of the Throat Chakra.
The Vishuddha Flow combines weeks 1-4 with flair and magic to connect you further to your higher self. Ashtanga is a big part of this flow as it opens the Throat Chakra to the Earth for you to understand her better and feel her vibration. This connection blends the heart with the mind. It is THE CHAKRA due to its capacity to be both the most and least understood.

Some Powerful Gemstones for Vishuddha:
Blue Topaz


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