Third Eye Chakra – Anja

The Third Eye Chakra – Anja, depicted by a beautiful Indigo Blue, is located between the brows, in direct line with the Pineal Gland. The Third Eye correlates with our intuition and Spiritual Awakening.

Third Eye and Crown Chakras are very close, but at the same time, very far apart. Many similar asana poses can ignite and awaken both the Third Eye and Crown. There are many similar ‘symptoms,’ and the Third Eye can directly connect with the Crown during intense, but peaceful moments of meditation. 
When the Third Eye is affected, you may experience:
Anxious Thoughts
Depressed Thoughts
Sensitivity to Light
Sensitivity to Color
Deja Vu
Tingling in the Scalp
Ringing in the Ears

To find peace in the Third Eye, you have to right the wrongs in your life. Make sure you get back what is yours, whether it be monetary, self-confidence and love, or anything else you feel was taken. Actively utilize the Third Eye to get back to the True You, the you that you were before everyone told you who to be.

Gemstones to Open Anja:
Lapis Lazuli

This week our flow is designed to activate and connect the Third Eye to the Lower Chakras, for a more profound Spiritual Journey.


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