Come Together – Too Many Mass Shootings

DISCLAIMER: This post contains my opinions about Domestic Terrorism in the US.

I’m taking this Tarot Tuesday to address the Gun Massacres in the US.

251 Mass Shootings in 216 days

How do we as Americans come together to erase racism & discrimination and end gun violence?
There are so many uncomfortable conversations that encompass this territory. I use the word territory because we are all so protective of our current space. Too many of us will do unspeakable things to protect what isn’t even entirely ours.

Following racist propaganda, hate speech, and remaining silent about White Domestic Terrorism can no longer exist, and we must have open discussions about this.


Report Any Gun Threat to as many people as possible. If no one listens, go bigger with Social Media if you have to. In many cases, the Local and State Authorities where the mass shooting occurred, have been made aware of the danger, yet nothing was done in time to stop the tragedy.

Speak Up about behavior that may fall in line with White Nationalism and defend yourself and others against hate.

Take Action against bullies, hate speech, and discrimination. The people you are helping will be eternally grateful for your love and support.

Surround Yourself with influential, like-minded individuals who are looking for the same positive changes you are.

Meditate to clear your energy so you can have the internal and external strength for this battle for the Soul of Our Nation.

Vote and be sure you are voting for the good of all.

Gemstones to assist:



Tiger’s Eye


Blue Topaz

Lapis Lazuli


Quartz Crystal

Rose Quartz




Every Gemstone is needed to align the Chakra’s in all of us, so we can heal ourselves, and in turn help other’s heal from the poison of this hatred and division. Find the Gemstone you connect with most, and start there. This Gemstone will represent the Chakra Boost that is needed the most.

Check out the video where I explain how the Gemstones help assist us on IGTV

With Liberty and Justice for All.

United States Pledge of Allegiance

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