Cleanse and Move On – Tarot Tuesday 🧿

Today’s theme for Tarot Tuesday is cleansing and moving on from toxic people and situations. With the Planets always in retrograde, we have to break through the cycle of letting them rule us. Through Vedic Astrology, we learn to work in Harmony with our Ruling Planets. 

Today I’ve chosen these Gemstones:

1. Moonstone – let your intuition guide you. 

2. Obsidian – clear the space of those around you. 

3. Flourite – clear your Auric Smog. 

The cards will give you a clear message of where you need to be. 

Check out IGTV for the reveal 🔮. 

As we grow and align our physical bodies with our spiritual bodies, things, places, and people that no longer serve us either fall away, or we let them go without pain.

Life is about growth, either solo or with a group. Everyone and everything is a lesson, a test, or a reward, but you have the full power to direct your destiny.

 Karma (Action) is science – to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and it comes back three times stronger.

Dharma (Cosmic Law and Order) is yours to control based upon your Karma.

Defend yourself, but don’t instigate.

Move on from toxic people and situations and shut the door to them entirely. Once you’ve cleansed and moved on, do not allow the negativity back in. Work with balancing your Planets, your Karma, your Sadhana, and you will see vast improvements in your life.

For more insight, contact me for charts and reading.

If you don’t have a deck of Haindl Tarot (my personal favorite deck), you can find more information about the cards here.


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