Chakra Booster Effects

Well, seven weeks of Chakra alignment has taken space within me. Has it fixed all my life’s problems? Of course not, but it has given me strength, resiliency, and a new sense of self.
Of course, this is not without Universal Law catching up with me. Shiva/Kali Energy enters my space and WHAM! I’m shook again.
But do I stay shook? Hell No! I pull myself together and reach out to my community of Healers and ask for assistance.

Aligning and Boosting your Chakras does not mean you will be without problems. You may attract some unwanted attention as well, but you will have the tools to deal with it.
Chakra Boosting is reawakening yourself. This method of alignment through movement, breath, and, flow will leave each Chakra tingling with good vibrations.

Notice the Signs

They are all around you.

Little things will start to shift, and so will your awareness of those little things. The signs will begin to reveal themselves, leading the way for your next step. Signs are always around us, but we often wait for a big one to act. This method shows you how to understand and notice the nuances and delicacies of the Universe.

The more self-aware you become, the more you notice the path out in front of you. Then you become aware that you have one-hundred percent control of the direction your life will take.

When we are young, we take on the lives and views of those around us, and often we lose sight of who we are and what we need to survive to be part of a community and to form bonds and relationships with others. What we deplete is a bit of our identity to fit into the status quo. We haven’t yet learned to say no and set our boundaries because we can’t be ‘impolite.’ So we dim down and become accustomed to living at a lower frequency.

To raise this frequency, we first have to escape the confines of others and step away from what no longer serves us. Self-discovery is next, through the use of Yoga and Meditation. Guidance from an expert in the area, and then taking the uncomfortable trip toward balancing your life and raising your vibrations. The work is in your hands, but the beauty of that is, so is your life.

What I gained from Awakening and Boosting my Chakras is clarity. Clarity is knowing that you are in complete control of your situation once you release the agreement with other people that they have any control over you.

I reached out to my community for help finding my guide and healer, because we all need our teachers to guides on our path. For me, this program has profoundly boosted my life. It has been a catalyst to jumpstarting my career in Psychic Readings again. It has given me proof that I can help myself, and you move forward.

This weeks flow – free form and fun. Incorporate any Asana from the previous seven weeks and add whatever you like. Let it grow organically, and learn to listen to your Whole Being.

My Favorite Chakra Stones;
Root (Muladhara): Bloodstone
Sacral (Svadhisthana): Red Goldstone
Solar Plexus (Manipura): Tiger’s Eye
Heart (Anahata): Malachite
Throat (Vishuddha): Larimar
Third Eye (Anja): Lapis Lazuli
Crown (Sasharara): Amethyst, Selenite, Moonstone


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