108 I Am’s

I Am, is a Mantra that you can recite if you are looking for a self-healing meditation. I Am is a reinforcement of your Inner Light.

A Mantra in Hinduism and Buddhism represent repeated word or sound to help with meditation. In my studies at The Ayurvedic Institute, I learned that Mantra can also be a tool to build-up self-belief.

I’ve put together a list of 108 I Am’s. Repeat one or all to reignite your Inner Light. Check out My IGTV Video to see how self affirming words can help your physical strength.

Prayers or Mantras take time. They must vibrate through the entire universe and back to be effective.
Some effects you will feel sooner than others, but eventually you will feel the power in those words.

Hail the Mary
Our Father
Glory Be

I Am

  1. I Am Beautiful
  2. I Am Handsome  
  3. I Am Universe  
  4. I Am Complete
  5. I Am Perfect
  6. I Am Loved   
  7. I Am Loving
  8. I Am Love
  9. I Am Worthy
  10. I Am Amazing
  11. I Am Smart
  12. I Am Capable
  13. I Am Funny
  14. I Am Brilliant
  15. I Am Creative
  16. I Am Talented
  17. I Am Purpose
  18. I Am Adventurous
  19. I Am Brave
  20. I Am Generous
  21. I Am Wise
  22. I Am Mom
  23. I Am Dad
  24. I Am Son
  25. I Am Daughter
  26. I Am Grandma
  27. I Am Grandpa
  28. I Am Aunt
  29. I Am Uncle
  30. I Am Sister
  31. I Am Brother
  32. I Am Friend
  33. I Am Important
  34. I Am Capable
  35. I Am Strong
  36. I Am a Superhero
  37. I Am Fantastic
  38. I Am Light
  39. I Am Universe
  40. I Am Complete
  41. I Am Elemental
  42. I Am Life
  43. I Am in Control
  44. I Am in Charge
  45. I Am Nice
  46. I Am Sweet
  47. I Am Good
  48. I Am Great
  49. I Am Greatness
  50. I Am Kind
  51. I Am Graceful
  52. I Am Peace
  53. I Am Contentment
  54. I Am Major
  55. I Am Lit
  56. I Am a Free Spirit
  57. I Am Freedom
  58. I Am Free
  59. I Am Gorgeous
  60. I Am a Goddess
  61. I Am Powerful
  62. I Am Energy
  63. I Am Incredible
  64. I Am not my Past
  65. I Am not Defined by Opinions
  66. I Am Complete
  67. I Am Me
  68. I Am You
  69. I Am LGBT and Proud
  70. I Am an Ally
  71. I Am Woman
  72. I Am Man
  73. I Am Bi
  74. I Am Non-Binary
  75. I Am Trans
  76. I Am Hetero
  77. I Am Queer
  78. I Am Asexual
  79. I Am Legendary
  80. I Am Ancient
  81. I Am Modern
  82. I Am the Future
  83. I Am Family
  84. I Am Friend
  85. I Am Confident
  86. I Am Happy
  87. I Am Fulfilled
  88. I Am Blessed
  89. I Am a Blessing
  90. I Am Laughter
  91. I Am Joy
  92. I Am Fun
  93. I Am Skilled
  94. I Am Accepted
  95. I Am Dazzling
  96. I Am Generous
  97. I Am Fair
  98. I Am Cool
  99. I Am Art
  100. I Am Unique
  101. I Am a Champion
  102. I Am Positive
  103. I Am Supercharged
  104. I Am Cute
  105. I Am Awesome
  106. I Am Extraordinary
  107. I Am Empathetic
  108. I Am Everyone

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