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Today we focus on the Feminine Chakras, the Throat (Vishudda), Third Eye (Anja), and Crown (Sahasrara).

These three Chakras represent our Communication, and the words we use, or don’t use and the prior thoughts that go with those words. Remember sometimes silence speaks louder than screaming. Our thoughts and ideas, that connect our Highest Self.


We create our reality with our thoughts and words. Abracadabra – the origins of this word are Aramaic. Abracadabra means, “I create as I speak”, and our thoughts create our words. Choose good ones.

Today I’ve chosen the Atlantis Deck by Diana Cooper. This is in honor of those of us already suffering from Hurricane Dorian, especially the Bahamas, the location where Atlantis could have been.
Today we focus on our Feminine Chakras, the Throat, Third Eye & Crown.
The Light Blue Stone – Larimer (The Atlantis Stone) Throat Chakra.
Dark Blue Stone – Lapis Lazuli – Third Eye.
Purple Stone – Amethyst – Crown Chakra.
Remember we are all a blend of male & female, masculine & feminine and all divine.

Larimar – The Atlantis Stone
Lapis Lazuli

Check out the video reveal with my interpretation on IGTV.

Here’s the deeper meaning of the cards.

The Silence – Think before you speak.
Don’t Speak until you can improve upon the silence.
Materialize your reality.
Remember your ability to offer services to others.
You are a Powerful Creature of the Universe
Dream Big and Manifest Bigger!



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