🖤Goddess Tarot Tuesday🖤

We all need to tap into our Goddess side. Each of us, both male and female have feminine and masculine qualities, fixed, and fluid. Balancing our Yin and Yang is essential to our existence, this means having our Dosha’s in balance. This can be done both physically with movement and food choices, and metaphysically with Vedic Astrology using Gemstones, blended with Divination and Spiritual Advice. This is literally my Chakra Booster Program, designed by a woman with insane amounts of stress, suffering from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Initially the Chakra Booster was yoga flows I had put together to help my sciatica. I knew working anatomically, in Chakra order would give me a great foundation to heal. Maybe somewhere inside I knew I would feel reborn, and ready to take on the world, and share my self-healing method with you all. Burnout is a medical condition, and we all feel it. Choose a stone to find out which Goddess will be there to help you through Autumn and Winter.

As the seasons change and we start to naturally slow down and prepare for colder months, we suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. This, combined with Holiday stress will cause anxieties and depression. Let’s avoid that this year, and be part of a program, surrounded by good vibes and help from our Goddesses. Contact me today! Program begins October 1 and runs 3 months.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Today’s Tarot Tuesday is inspired by @rosegoldgoddesses. Journey to the Goddess Realm with me and choose one of 3 stones that speaks to you and find out which Goddess you can embody and call upon for help.

 ▫Dark Blue Stone – Sodalite – strong clear communication.


▫Clear Wand – Selenite – crystal clear thinking and strong intuition.


▫ Gold (Fool’s Gold) – Pyrite – inner and outer strength and confidence. 

Which Gemstone calls out to you?

Tara – Goddess of Serenity, Yoga & Skydancers (Dakini)
The Answer is Yes
Very Auspicious
Goddess of Leadership

Check out Roe’s interpretation in her Reveal on IGTV


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