Setting Boundaries – Tarot Tuesday

This week’s Tarot Tuesday is inspired by setting boundaries and building bridges to help others cross over to a safe place within themselves. We’re often stuck relinquishing our souls when we let others past our comfort zones. Being touched without consent can be a very jarring experience. Whether it’s before, during, or after, take back your power and set your boundaries. Watch the women who help pave the way โ€” those who show strength and grace without compromising their very nature and going along with the status quo.
These three Gemstones and this reading is a thank you to @danielleamericanpicker a most definite Goddess Soul Sister ๐Ÿ–ค

1. Labradorite – imparts strength & perseverance, balance & grounding.

Deep transformation when dealing with depression and anxiety.
Remember your unique powers. Manifest those gifts for self-preservation.
~ RCS interpretation

Card 32 – Nurturing Universe

This card encompasses all aspects of being Divinely nurtured and supported. Allow the full flow of Loving Energy within you to nurture and support you. Use the Spiral Healing energy available to you at all times. Allow this nurturing feminine energy to heal your woulds and guide you gently and lovingly on your path.

2. Flourite – calming stable frequency to chaotic experiences.

Absorb and neutralize negative energy end stress .
Step back, breath, and control your reaction. Take a moment to stabilize your body, mind, and spirit and move forward with grace. ~ RCS interpretation

Card 34- Red Native

Collective Consciousness can be drawn from or contributed to. Share your wisdom and begin imparting your knowledge with others. Make a choice to raise the collective consciousness of man.

3. Pumice Stone – grounding and calming emotions during high-stress situations.

Strength, courage and stability in times of chaos.
Also know as Lava Stone
Remember who you are at your core. Remember your roots, and rebuild your foundation.
~ RCS interpretation

Card 24 – Vibration

You are pure energy. Whatever you do has an effect on the entire planet. You DO make a difference in this world. Use your energy wisely. You are en energetic power house. Keep your intentions set on the Highest Good.

Seven Chakras

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