Truth Tarot Tuesday

I am Healing with Truth for today’s Tarot Tuesday. I will pull some collective cards and begin a group healing for those who watch. This is Universal, for everyone, and filled with possibility.
You aren’t required to tell your truth to anyone, but yourself. If you’re exhausted, annoyed, not grounded, feeling off-balance, this reading will help.

Today’s Message:

Find Your Teachers.

Gemstones to help balance out your truth:

Obsidian – clears inner auric smog

Fluorite – clears outer auric smog

Pyrite – strength and grounding

Tiger’s Eye – self-confidence

Rose Quartz – Love and Protection

Green Jasper – motivation and healing

Larimar -speaking truth

Sodalite – speaking with clarity and inteligence

Clear Quartz – enhance your vibrations

Check out my video with guidebook interpretations, as well as my own interpretations. More on the helpful gemstones as well, all on IGTV.


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