Healing with Truth




  1. the quality or state of being true.
  2. “he had to accept the truth of her accusation.”

Satya Yama – one of the Eight Limbs of Yoga – the first to be exact. Yamas are our moral restraints in life. The way we behave towards others and how much integrity we hold. Read more here in my blog, “Yoga Benefits Everything.” (June 2019).

Dharma – Cosmic Law and Order, right behavior, social order and truth. Your Karma, day to day actions and choices have a direct affect on Dharma and there for an equal effect in your life.

To begin to heal, the first step is facing the truth, which is something we procrastinate. The truth can really stir things up; feelings of shame, guilt, and embarrassment are stigmas we try to avoid.  

“The Truth Shall Set You Free” an ancient and accurate statement, John 8:32. The truth allows negative energy to shatter. That negative energy is created by the illusion you are trying to portray, and the amount of stress that goes with it. 

“Why choose to be a prisoner of lies? Become a champion of truth, especially within yourself. 


The most difficult, but rewarding journey is one of self-discovery through revelation. Simply admitting your surface faults isn’t enough. You’ve got to get into the nitty-gritty of your soul. 

 Yoga an Ayurveda are excellent methods to assist your journey of self-discovery. Yoga is more than just your 75-minute asana on the mat. Yoga is tolerating the consequences of yourself. Whether it be on the mat, in the pose the teacher is making you hold ‘too long,’ or the ‘unattainable’ savasana, you choose to attend a yoga class to work on different aspects of yourself. It is on the mat where you begin to discover your truths and let go of your ego.

“Ego is a Soul Killer.


Write down your truths in a journal. Later go back and read your words. Did the situation change? If so, how? Write that down and continue. With each step, admit the truth to yourself, and pause to work out those feelings. Begin to assess how you will avoid future issues. Will you walk away from, places, people, and situations? If not, what are your limits for staying, and how will you set your boundaries? 

Accepting the truth about yourself reinvents the ego. This outward persona is now intertwined with your inner light, you begin to feel more complete, less anxious, less depressed. You are lit, internally; and finding the truth in yourself attained that goal.

Heal. Admit the Truth. Suck it Up. Apologize. Move On.


This is the only way to help yourself heal and fully become aware of who You are.


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