Signs Along Your Path

How do we follow the signs when they aren’t as bright as the Yellow Brick Road? The hint: a bunch of feathers and coins won’t make you a trail, but they will mark an X

It’s not the signs alone, but the circumstances that give the sign significance.ย 


Look – at the objects in the vicinity of the sign, they hold significance.

Listen – to the song, tv, show, commercial, and the words you hear when you find the sign.

Touch – the object and feel the vibrations of the message.

Smell – the aromas in the room hold meaning.

Tasteย – a specific taste may remind you, or be part of the sign itself.

Journaling these moments can help you notice the subtle sign as well as the visible signs.


The signs appear everywhere; all you have to do is slow down and take time to notice. Pranayama or breathing exercises help to slow down your mind so that you can think clearly and receive your message. 

Your guides and the Universe will only do so much; the rest is up to you. Your steps will lead you to your path; which is not an easy task. Its got lots of hills, twists, turns, and roadblocks. Our Spiritual Growth comes from how we handle the barriers in our path. 

Barriers exist to move around or push through. Barriers do not exist to stop us, but to teach us different ways to handle life’s challenges.

Each barrier is a Sign that you need to up your game when it comes to your Dharma. Choose your Karma wisely and know that you are protected when the Signs appear to help you with your Life’s Path.

We hit the same barriers over and over again until the lesson is learned.ย 


Remember, Dharma is Universal Law and Order and tells you what your Karma should be, but Karma, the act, makes or breaks your Dharma.

Follow your Signs, listen to them, don’t give up. Follow your Divine Life’s Purpose.

As you mark your trail and milestones, you become your own trailblazer.ย 


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