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Hello All!

I have a favor to ask. I’m not the best at asking for help, but this is important to me.

As the survivor of multiple sex-crimes, some more significant than others, the one thing I’ve always encountered is a wall with protection and victims’ rights.
Currently, I am unable to get the woman who assaulted me evicted from the community because she’s a “first time offender,” which is labeled a misdemeanor β€” the simple way to allow crimes to go unpunished.
I was also put on a witness stand and hostilely questioned by my attacker’s lawyer, having to defend myself as a victim. I was given no prior knowledge to this type of hearing. I was in shock.
The woman was found guilty, but she’s free to live near me. The court says my eviction case is civil, the management says its criminal, I’m in a panicky limbo.
This is very common in a majority of sexual assault cases. This is also the time that is most dangerous for a victim, right before the sentencing, and I cannot find help.
Keep in mind, this was caught on camera, and she is still free and living 100 yards from me.
Sexual Assault is not taken as seriously as the courts would like us to believe, but we’ve experienced this with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein and Brock Turner and countless others.
The lack of protection for victims is appalling. Victims need more assistance, direction and protection after an attack. We should not be forced to change our lives in exchange for the assailant’s comfort.
Incorrectly classifying sex-crimes, and improperly punishing sex-crimes delivers one clear message; the victim does not matter. The thought revolves around how the assailant’s’ life will now be affected by their crime, rather than how the victim has already suffered, and that suffering will continue in the form of PTSD.
Please join my Grassroots Movement – Validate Victims Voices; to help me bring a Bill before Congress to classify all sex-related crimes; from stalking to rape; as felonies, so victims are ensured clear lines of protection, and advocates to help guide them during this challenging and stressful time.
This Bill will also require mandatory arrest upon awaiting trial, mandatory sentencing, and sex-offender registration with DNA and video evidence.
Victims deserve to feel safe after being attacked. No victim should be left unprotected. Victims’ voices should be heard first.

With your support, I can achieve this goal.

Please Sign & Share my Petition:


Validate Victims Voices

I was born for this fight.

Thank you so much,



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