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The Ancient Symbolism of the Tarot is still very relevant in our modern world. From Ancient Hieroglyphics to modern Emoji’s, pictures and the ability to tell stories through interpretation is alive and well, and necessary for personal growth.

The Tarot is a pictorial representation of the Forces of Nature as conceived by the Ancients according to a conventional symbolism.

At first sight, one would suppose the arrangement to be arbitrary, but it is not. It is necessitated by the structure of the Universe, and in particular, of the Solar System as symbolized by the Holy Qabalah.

Alister Crowley

Using these Ancient methods as a roadmap to your current situation, I help guide you toward the path that will give you the best outcome. Predictions do come in to play, but it’s more about getting to the root of your soul and utilizing the cards, charts, and gemstones to empower yourself with positive choices.

Italian Tarocchi Deck – unknown

Whether you choose to work with or against your Cards, “the prediction” comes true. That’s the secret; it’s all you, your power harnessing the Universe to work harmoniously or turbulently; with you. 

French Gyspy Witch – Mlle. Le Normand
Ancient Egyptian Thoth – Aliester Crowley – UK

Thoth, the Ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom, Knowledge, Writing and the Moon and his Equal; Goddess Seshat, brought the written word to mankind. Although many historians agree Tarocchi Cards were made popular in 15th Century Italy, some think the original Tarot Deck is the Lost Book of Thoth. Think about this, Hieroglyphics, and small papyrus pages to tell stories? Interesting theory.

In 2020, I’ll be looking into the History of Tarot and how it has evolved into modern-day versions of the original, yet still maintains it’s profound vibe. 


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