Mental Health Awareness

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day.
With Complex-PTSD, some moments are great, and some moments are not.
It’s up to me to learn my triggers, and recognize when to step away from falling down that rabbit hole.
It is my responsibility to BE my Yoga Practice now.

Yoga allows the Sacred into all the Space in the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Once the Sacred is in, and you Honor Your Light, the understanding of its significance takes hold.
Everyone has this Light. Everyone IS this Light.
All light burns with different intensity, but with the same Divine Nature of Life.


Yoga allows me to feel rooted and delve into my Soul, to become one with my Demons. This puts me at ease and in balance with my current state. By the end of my Sadhana, I have, let my Light in and cast my Demons out (for now).

I encourage you to find peace with your demons and help others who may be struggling with their own. Don’t trigger, don’t bully, don’t gossip. Fix eachothers Crowns.




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