The 40-Something’s List of Missing Items

Lately, I feel as though I’ve been missing something. Like I’ve misplaced an item I can’t find. Oh right…it’s my youth. Things change in your forties, pretty quickly. And to all the 65+ crowd who like to say, “you’re still young,” tell that to my patience and energy levels.

I loved my 20’s, (well at least my early 20’s). Then the 30’s hits, and that’s such a strange time. You spend your 30’s trying to let go of your 20’s so you can survive in your 40’s. What a mindfu*k.

Things just change in your 40’s, your skin, your hair, your body, and it all happens seemingly overnight. You need extra time to do the same things you did 20 years ago, and some of those things have entirely disappeared. I miss a few parts of the past. For this Throwback Thursday, I’ve put together my thoughts on aging, and what I miss from my youth.

The Tipping Point:

  • Tired at 9 pm for no reason
  • Reading Glasses
  • Exhausted at 4 pm for no reason
  • Chamomile Tea makes everything better
  • Now I need to pee…
  • Happy Hour is too late
  • Decaf coffee is now a viable option
  • I need to pee again…
  • Yoga Pants are Life (ok that one’s not so bad)
  • Brunch (ok another good one)

Top 10 Things I Miss from My Youth:

  • Energy
  • Optimism 
  • Energy (yes, twice)
  • Peace of Mind
  • All Nighter’s
  • Carefree Thinking
  • Smoking & 32 oz Big Gulps of Diet Coke 
  • Bottomless Coffee Cups
  • My Dreams
  • My Goals

Yes, I’m a total Gen X’er who loved all of that stuff, watching F.R.E.I.N.D.S. and planning my carefree, happy life doing what I loved. Reality Bites most closely related to my life, and I was perfectly content with that.

I’ve slowed down, gotten the body aches, gray hair and wrinkles, reading glasses, and firming creams. I’ve definitely become wiser. But I really miss those good old days.

Hope this made you laugh 🙂

Happy Throwback Thursday 🙂


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