Which Witch are You?

Choose a Hat to find out your Witch Type and get a fun Halloween prediction.

You may be attracted to more than one hat; if you are, contact me to find out more…

  1. Gardnerian Witch – GW – a Traditional British Witch Coven of 13 to which one is initiated and held secrets. Named after Gerald Gardener, a Priesthood type pf Wicca practiced in the UK, Australia, and the US. Prediction: You will become closer to friends, relatives, and partners this year.
  2. Traditional Witch – Universal – A person who practices the “Old Craft” nature rituals and honors the Earth and the Cosmos.  Prediction: Get back to your roots and transform into who you are.
  3. Alexandrian Witch – Traditional British Wicca – from the roots of Gardnerian Wicca, a Priesthood practiced in UK, Australia US, Brazil, and South Africa. Using Ceremonial Magick and Qabalah, with a focus on the relationship between Wiccans, Goddesses, and Gods. Prediction: Find more profound Spiritual Guidance and rediscover your relationship with The Universe.
  4. Correllian Witch – Eclectic and Self-Initiatory – created by Orpheus Caroline High Correll, this is a blend of Scottish and Native folklore beliefs. This witchcraft is about creating your lineage. Prediction: Your Ancestors are coming forward toward you, with knowledge. Listen to them.
  5. Sea Witch – The Water Witch – Universal -The person with the deep emotional ties to the sea and the Moon. Water is your identifying element. Water brings and gives life, and so does this practitioner. Prediction: The tides will be turning in your favor.
  6. Kitchen Witch – Hearth and Home – Possibly originating in Scandanavia to provide good luck and ward off evil spirits. Today a Kitchen Witch is one who keeps a delicious healing kitchen and a happy, warm home. Prediction: Your home will grow with love and light.
  7. Hedge Witch – The Ecology Witch -With an excellent knowledge for all things found in nature, from dirt to leaves. Knowledge that is not learned in books, but through speaking and doing, and is passed down through the family. Prediction: Your traditional roots and understanding of nature will bring you abundance. 
  8. Dianic Witch – Feminine Divine – Goddesses Only – founded by Zsuzsanna Budapest, this Wiccan belief brings about the importance of the Feminine Divine from all cultures. Maiden, Mother, Crone, the Triple Goddess. Prediction: Your circle of Divine Feminine will increase with love and light.
  9. Elemental Witch – Earth – Fire – Air – Water – Elemental Witches work individually with each element to draw power from the Earth, and knows to reciprocate and give back to the Earth. Prediction: The work you have done so far will bring your life more balance. 
  10. Ceremonial Witch – Universal – practices often with specific work done on Full and New Moons, along with waxing and waning rituals. Prediction: Your Cosmic Law and Order is on point (Dharma)
  11. Green Witch – Garden Witches – Universal – using plants, herbs, and spices in their environment for healing. Green Witches honor Mother Earth. Prediction: Your natural talents will flow freely and will be met with applause.
  12. Hereditary Witch – Esoteric Origin- Generational – You were born powerful, your ancestors were born powerful, you can do anything. Witches in the US, UK, Italy (Strega) Latin Ancestry (Bruja) are mostly associated with Hereditary status. Prediction: You got this. You’ve always had this. 
  13. Secular Witch – Universal – Non-Religious – each ritual comes from a place of separation of work and outside influence. Prediction: Your logical mind is Your Superpower, and your answers come, in fact. Follow the Facts. 
  14. Cosmic Witch – Star Witches – using astrology, astronomy, crystals, and divining methods aligned with the stars; rituals revolve around the Cosmos. Cosmic Witches are very intuned to the Universal Elements around them.  Prediction: You are on the Right Path.
  15. Eclectic Witch – Universal – Individual – drawing from everything and anything an Eclectic Witch is a truly unique and modern witch. Many paths cross, and a true Eclectic Witch blends these paths perfectly to form balance and control. Prediction: Your individuality is what makes you shine. You Sparkle. 
  16. Solitary Witch – Universal – Individual – Solitary Witches prefer to work alone.  ‘There are also legends that solitary witches are reincarnations of witches who have been practicing for generations, and at puberty, their knowledge is awakened. Since they already remember and understand the craft, their need for a coven is less than a newer witch. Source: (1).’ Prediction: Your Power is Growing, as is your Knowledge and Wisdom. Don’t question it; the path is opening up. 

(1) Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog has some more facts about the 16 types of Witches. Of course, there are many more than this. The Gray Witch, for example, is a blend of light and dark Universal practices without prejudice. A practice of magic that recognizes the importance of all polarities, truth, and balance. 

“I believe we can be more than one of these witches, and by nature, we are a blend of many. 


 What do you think? 

To which Hat were you drawn? 

Which Witch are you?

Was your prediction accurate?

…Must be the Season of the Witch…


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