Advice for Empaths

Wellness Wednesday Advice

Get cozy today.
I’ve been speaking with a lot of clients who are Empaths and are seeking guidance.

A lot of you are feeling the October effects of the thinning veil, as well as a lot of you asking about Spiritual Ascension.

There’s a lot of equally good and bad energy in the World. We are experiencing the battle as I write this. If this message speaks to you, you may be an Empath who is feeling the changes and your Spiritual Journey deepening.

Empath’s – protect yourselves with comfort items; hot beverages infused with good vibes and lots of internal strength radiating outward.
Today’s Message: pull back on judgment and move forward with an open mind.

Colors can change everything. I wear them sparingly and when necessary. If you balance, wear one of these colors to strengthen your auric field.


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