Tarot Tuesday Scrying

With the New Moon helping us to change our mentality to supercharge ourselves, I realize that the most successful people I know believe in themselves and don’t let self-doubt creep in.
Not just believe, but indeed hold their space with integrity; body, mind, and spirit.
To boost this feeling, I’ll be helping you release old thought patterns, clear your Auric Smog, and Charge Your Heart Chakra with Self-Love and determination. ๐Ÿ—จ

Crystal Quartz
Rose Quartz
The pendulum is made of Rose Quartz too.

Tune In! And supercharge with me. Add your manifestations in the comments for Success!


Published by Roseanne Carlo

Founder at Gypsy Tribe Westchester 69 Westchester Ave Pound Ridge, NY 10576

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