Green Tara – Bodhisattva

Buddhist Goddess Tara is a Bodhisattva, or Female Buddha. Tara is considered the “mother of liberation”. She is associated with Yoga and the Dakinis, or Skydancers.

Tara is classified into different vibrational colors and forms.

White – purity, grace, power, wisdom.

Red – magnetizing desires.

Blue – spiritual awakening.

Yellow – increase wealth.

Green – the universal color of healing, regeneration, and growth.

Green Tara helps us becomes calm, centered, and aligned with ourselves. She brings with her serenity, Chakra alignment, stillness and focused breathing.

If you choose to work more intensely with Green Tara expect a Kundalini activation, a tantric connection with oneself, to begin to transcend consciousness and connect to your psychic senses.

Some Gemstones to help Green Tara and Healing through Heart Chakra:





Green Jasper

Rose Quartz

Crystal Quartz




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