Pendulum Scrying into the Subconscious Mind – Tarot Tuesday

Tune into IGTV and tap into your Subconscious Mind with Pendulum Scrying.
This method of Divination helps raise vibrations and connect your mind, body, and spirit to help you focus on attaining the goal and attracting abundance.
Thinking or speaking questions out loud, the Pendulum will swing in a particular direction and give you the most straightforward answer. Sometimes we get ‘maybe’ or ‘ask later,’ but it’s still a definitive answer 🧿.
See what your subconscious mind wants you to know… 

Pendulum Scrying – Think of a question, as the Pendulum swings, it picks up your subconscious mind and gives answers based on your vibrations.


Up & Down – YES
L – R – NO


Clockwise – NO COMMENT
Counter-Clockwise – BAD VIBES 

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