The Haunting at Moon River Brewery

October 31st, the day the veil between worlds, the world of the living and the dead is at it’s thinnest. This date also marks Samhain, the Witches New Year. The next two days, All Souls Day and Dios De Los Muertos are to honor the dead. 

On October 31st, I signed up for a Ghost Tour called The Haunting at Moon River Brewery, one of the oldest and most haunted buildings in Savannah. Formerly the City Hotel in 1832, was the site of a murder of an unpopular man from the North by a prevalent doctor and very upstanding citizen. Read more here from the Travel Channel – Ghost Adventures.

The Hotel had remained mostly unused until the 1990s, and within that time, Savannah being one big cemetery, I believe this building has become a portal to another dimension. I also think former living, as well as non-living creatures, roam these dark corners.

In 1995 while a crew was renovating the third floor, and the foreman’s wife was violently pushed down a flight of stairs, he quit on the spot, and no one has been back to renovate since. With my experience, I don’t see that changing any time soon.

The Dinner:

Dinner at the bar was fantastic. I’m an appetizer person, so I ordered the Fried Green Tomatoes and Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms, both highly recommended. The hubs ordered a classic cheeseburger.

Amazing Food @moonriverbrewery

I had a fantastic Pinot Noir, which I jokingly called a ‘glass of blood,’ a statement that would haunt me hours later.

Glass of Blood

The Check-In:

There were a lot of people on this tour, as it was sadly, the last ‘The_Haunting’ at Moon River Brewing Co. The evening was already filled with scattered energy, and Savannah was unseasonably humid, making the power of the other world even stronger and the air even thicker.

We checked in, and the large group headed up these old creaky stairs to a dimly lit space of what must have been a once beautiful hotel. Now bare bones and a shell of its former self, the Spirits happily haunting staff and guests.

The Second Floor:

The upstairs reminded me of my grandmother’s house in Mount Vernon, NY, the same old historic smell. It was hot, and in my opinion, pretty silent upon entering. I did not catch any anomalies in photos, but I’m hoping someone else did.

We were allowed to take pictures of the stairs leading up to the third floor, but could not go up, and of course, this makes me eager to go back and see what is up there.

There was a heaviness in the air on the second floor, some could say it was because of the high humidity that night, others may say the building itself is heavy with spirits who have unfinished business. Maybe the Spirits brought on the weather? It was Halloween, after all. A few minutes in, I began to feel the Spirits were silently observing us. I felt movement all around us, and watching other’s reactions, they felt a presence as well. Still, all was eerily quiet and calm.

As the history of the former City Hotel was explained to us, and we were given our Black Tourmaline for protection, the energy seemed to dim down, and I began to wonder if the stone was working, or it was mind over matter. But I again felt them watching from the corners, unwilling to give anyone a show. That would change momentarily. 

The Basement:

Excitement had built upstairs. We had a history lesson, Black Tourmaline, and no activity at all. We were asked to turn off our phones so that the Spirits couldn’t pull the energy from our devices. The crowd was getting restless, plus I could tell the group was ready for another round. As we noisily entered the basement to get drinks; immediately this couple, dressed in high collars, flowy clothing, the man in a hat, began screaming, “too loud, shut up, make them shut up!’, they were screaming at me to quiet down the crowd. Her hair and eyes were wild as the man looked on from under the brim of his hat. Then I saw a few other small shadow figures and who I believe looked like ‘Slender Man,’ the tall creepy ghoul, and this wasn’t my first sighting of him.

Salt Circle 1:

We then entered the first salt circle, and our host said a prayer to Saint Peter. The basement lights flickered, and Spirits were intensely active. There’s one Spirit called ‘Toby,’ and he can be either good or bad, but since no one plays nice (in his opinion), he’s always bad. But this first disturbance wasn’t ‘Toby’; is was the couple.

The couple went bananas! They were pissed because they couldn’t get in the circle, yelling, screaming louder at us, “get out, make them shut up! All the women are whores!” I asked our guide, Caitlin if there was a couple here, and she confirmed my vision. I told our guide what I was hearing, and as she repeated my words, a glass bottle was thrown from the mantle and shattered into the circle of salt. 

The loudest crash in the darkest room.
Shattered Black Glass Bottle, as the word ‘whores’ was repeated out loud.

I was also called upon several times by these Spirits to step out of the circle, which I resisted. They were tempting and taunting the whole time, which, of course, got my adrenaline running. In the end, I stayed within the confines of the salt circle.

As a small portal was open for us to exit this salt circle, a rush of freezing cold air encompassed us, the Spirits were out in full force. I sensed so many at this point, I was having a tough time concentrating. I think holding a drink helped to keep me grounded because the only thing I have full memory of is the feeling of that cup in my hand.

Salt Circle 2:

In the second room, I sensed much more activity. There is an archway made of brick, and through that portal it goes from dark to darker. The pull to step out of the circle was stronger, and I saw a few strange faces in a mirror. Running around us was a small demon looking thing which moved very quickly, slithering up walls, and shape-shifting. A very hasty little thing. The couple, and the ‘Slender Man’ whom I had seen earlier and whom I had met face to face at my grandmother’s house in the ’80s, plus a lot of other dark energy encompassing the Salt Circle. I saw the second flash of the ‘Slender Man’, from the first room and the energy got me so shook, I almost accidentally stepped out of the circle.

The lights were completely out, and these Spirits we’re really really tempting me to step over the salt. Then I screamed because I felt a poke, through the circle of salt, and some very odd energy goes right through my mid-section. I almost did step out, so I made my way to our host. I was asking about a blocked off area behind a curtain and felt that this was where ‘Toby’ would stay, and then I had to squat down to catch my balance. This was when I came face to face with the little “it” demon shape-shifter. I had met these creatures years ago, the ones with the three claws. These are what I believe are the pets of the Demons, the ones who mark a person with the three bloody scratches. I stood up, the circle was opened, and in a flash, The Haunting was over. I wanted to remain in that basement all night. I was fired up!

After the Haunting:

We stayed at the bar chatting for a while, I had stopped drinking wine directly after exiting the basement and was on to water. Around 11pm, we drove home and took out our Black Tourmaline stones, and left them outside along with my jewelry. I came out with Palo Santo to cleanse them. 

*This is the last of my Palo Santo, and it will no longer be purchased and used to cleanse, as it is now endangered, so is White Sage.

 The Black Tourmaline stones were stored away to contain any other negativity and moved into a bottle, sealed with black salt, eggwhite powder, Florida Water, and Bay Leaf for protection a few days later.

After Midnight:

Two and a half hours after leaving Moon River, I felt as though I had drunk three bottles of wine. Suddenly I was dizzy, having vertigo, and fiery nausea radiated through me. I sat for a long time with twisted vision, ringing in my ears and sweating. It was then my joke of drinking a glass of blood came back to haunt me. Sometime after midnight, I became violently ill. This was insane! I began to vomit blood and guts, for roughly 30 minutes. My thought, as I sat on the bathroom floor, was; “I may need a priest if I vomit black sludge”. What a feeling to have! By the time I pulled myself together and cleaned up, it was 1:37 am. 

I passed out and woke up the next morning feeling like every ounce of pain I had held on to in my life was purged from my system. 

I know that we have to honor those who have passed and are not at rest, because they still have a story to tell. My biggest lesson was the power of what dark energy can do to you. Respect that dark energy, and do not tempt it unless you are ready for horror story, nightmare stuff in your life. If you were on this tour and feel sick, try some cleansing rituals.

With the mention of honoring those who have passed, I was unable to shake the couple away. The Spirits knew I could see and hear them. They hate being pushed aside for the more popular Spirit of ‘Toby,’ particularly the woman, and they want to be remembered for their work in Savannah. But who are they?

I was given the year 1724, which I felt was significant because Savannah wasn’t established until 1733, but there were tribes and colonists living in the area, so off to research I go.  

As I searched couples in Savannah in 1724, I came across a woman who was Native/English and served as an intermediary between Natives and English Colonists. Looking for 1724, I came across Mary Musgrove  who moved from her Native home and established a life in the area 1725. I wonder if being given that year was of significance to her. Possibly she regrets leaving her Native home, or she wanted to show me her journey in one year from a life she knew to something brand new. Either way, Mary Musgrove wants her accolades. 

Mary Musgrove was of mixed Yamacraw and English ancestry. She facilitated in the development of Colonial Georgia and became an important intermediary between Muscogee Creek natives and the English colonists.

 And now, I need to investigate more. I need to know more about history and what affected me so badly. I need to understand these energies. As a psychic medium, I often wonder how non-psychic people are affected by paranormal experiences and how they may process those experiences. 

Once you get the taste of a good ghost hunt (or blood), you want more. 

Should I be worried? 

Remember, dark energies attach to anger and fear, protect yourself.

 I say daily prayers and mantra, meditate surrounded by white light and have done a few personal home cleansing rituals to keep the exciting part of the experience, but let go of the dark energies associated with the building that now homes Moon River Brewing Co. 


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