Tarot Tuesday – Renwal

Today is an auspicious Tarot Tuesday. It’s a Full Moon and the day after 11:11, the time to cleanse and renew the spirit. This number speaks of rapid manifestations of thoughts and actions into reality, after dropping your baggage. 1111 is an energetic number, to help you harness the real power inside. 

Today’s reading is collective and revolves around three cards from the Haindl Tarot Deck. These cards are my original deck, and I feel so connected to them, as though they are a part of me. 

These cards and stones are to help you piece together your next moves.

Science – the Six of Swords- Inner Truth

Use your Critical Thinking Skills

Be objective and honest with yourself. Take a step back and look at the situation from an outsider. Look at your situation logically and reach out to those who are more knowledgable on the subject. Time to learn and think freely. Stay away from those who wish to push their ideologies on you for their gratification.Β 

Father of Swords – Ra – Sun

Stay Strong and Steady

Let the active, creative, intelligent being out, so they can delegate, take charge, and become the authority figure in their story. It is time to go along with your Dharma, your Cosmic Law, and Order. This fair and righteous person must step forward now and assert themselves in their rightful place in the Universe.

Eight of Cups (reversed) – Failure (reversed)

Positive Changes are Ahead

Rejoice! You are Coming Out of the Dark, just like Gloria Estefan sang. All of the negativity, arrogance, pride, pressure, abuse, and neglect are going to crumble away. All your emotional pain will begin to fade and morph into strength. Positive Changes are on your horizon. Keep the Faith.

This reading is genuinely collective, not just consciously, but due to your hard work and dedication to making your life the miracle, it always has been. 

Gemstones for Assistance:



Rose Quartz

Crystal Quartz 






 Lapis Lazuli


Tiger’s Eye

Red Goldstone



Check out IGTV for a fun video and stay tuned for The History of Divination coming in 2020!

And Happy Chicken Soup for the Soul Day!

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II

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