Giving Back

Giving Tuesday has a whole new meaning. Free One Card Readings!

Here’s all you have to do:
Sign up through the Blog –
Each Tuesday, you will receive a reading once you are in the queue.
This is open to everyone, friends, family, and those I haven’t met yet.
The easiest way for me to keep track of all of the requests is through my blog. You will also receive newsletters and updates, recipes, and so many new things coming in 2020.

These chats last about five minutes and are here for a Spiritual Boost!
Are you burned out? Contact me and put yourself in the queue.
Tell me a little about yourself, but don’t go into detail, so that the reading is fresh.
Most likely, I’ll give you Gemstone, mantra, or song to assist along the way.

Please accept these readings as the gift of gratitude for following along.


Published by Roseanne Carlo

Founder at Gypsy Tribe Westchester 69 Westchester Ave Pound Ridge, NY 10576

2 thoughts on “Giving Back

    1. Hi!

      Thank you for contacting me. Today is Path of the Soul day, to align us with our masculine energies. I’ve pulled a card for you.
      Card number 10 Work – (book meaning) This card describes work, as in what you are really here to do. It’s about combining all of your knowledge and gifts on both the physical and spiritual plane and utilizing both as a means of making a living. Your two worlds have come into alignment and your time has come. This card means you ARE on the right path, and everything is in proper order.
      Roe’s Interpretation – your gifts and talents are ready to shine. Don’t fear it anymore, the things you dream of will become a reality.
      I hope you’ve enjoyed this and this helps you going forward.

      Blessed Be,

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